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North Elba NY Jan 10 th 1860

Mr. R. J. Hinton

Dear Friend

We received your excellent letter which we were all very glad to get, and to hear that Mrs Redpath got home safe and sound. The mail is behind two weeks for some cause and when we get it we have a time. I got some 25 letters and as many papers to night so you see we have something to divert our minds. We heard a report that John Brown Jr had been arrested in Ohio. But we do not believe it. We received a letter from Mr Redpath in which he says that Cap Brown confessed to him that he helped kill the Doyls. if Gov R said so he lies. In the first place Father never put any confidence in Robinson after that Lawrence treaty in Ter 55 or 56, and in the next place he would not lie to make him or any other scoundrel believe that he helped kill those spies for they believed it without . I never knew him to try to steal any

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bodies thunder. And surely the men that struck the first blow with the sword against slavery in this country had not right to be called murderes. in this case they were life preservers and they saved Kansas. I think now is the time to make another demonstration.

It will not do to have any reaction.

We shall expect to see you here soon and Mr Redpath also

please excuse this poor scratch for a letter for I have a number to write

Yours in hast with my respects to you and all antislavery people

Salmon Brown

For R J Hinton


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