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Untitled Document Chatham Canada West, May 29th 1858


In view of the temporary postponement of a certain enterprize, I avail myself of the kindness of our mutual friend the bearer of this, to say the following: solely (I hope) with the desire of forwarding the interests of the Association with which I am identified.

During the six or nine months which may now elapse before any active measures can be taken, an energetic agent could collect at least $2000, clean of all expenses, in England. Indeed, without claiming the possession of any extraordinary activity, I think I could secure such an amount myself. I am an Englishman, by birth, and prior to my emigration to this country, which occurred several years ago I was a protege of Lady Noel Byron, Charles Kingsley, and others of the aristocracy and literate. I have some acquaintance with men of wealth, letters, and position; and I used to possess an influence among the more educated of the working classes. I believe I have sufficient ability to collect funds without disclosing our plan, or the names of any of its aderents. Since my residence in America I have held two positions – one as Assist Supt Five Point House of Industry, N.Y. under charge of Revd L. M. Pease, the other as Kansas Correspondent of a portion of the Eastern Press; and for the last 7 months I have been associated with the origination of this present movement. If you, or any of your friends see fit to advance the loan of $250, to defray the cost of outfit, journey to England, and incidental expenses which would arise at the commencement of the canvass; and will accept my simple

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word that all monies received (except such portions of them as I should have to devote to my own support,) should be delivered into the hands of our friend the bearer of this, I beg, respectfully, to offer myself for this service. I am very anxious to visit England, partly on account of the good I might do in this matter and partly from a desire to see my parents again.

I have in my possession a certificate of Share in the town of Hyatt, Anderson Co. Kansas, for which I gave $100, and which I suppose is now worth $150 or $200, which I will either place in your own hands, or in the hands of our mutual friend, (to be sold in Kansas and the proceeds transmitted to you as part payment of the sum advanced;) as you shall judge best; but this, with my pledge of honor, would be all the security I should be able to give; so that, considered merely as a business transaction, it would be disadvantageous to you. I think however, that the other question of human welfare which underlies that of self-interest, will not be lost sight of in your consideration and decision of this matter. Referring you, for proofs of character, to Revd. L.M. Pease, Revd. Theodore L. Cuyler, Wm. H. Burleigh, and Thaddeus Hyatt, all of New York City; and to Judge Conway, E. W. Whitman, Wm. A. Phillips, Revd. Ephraim Nute, Dr Prentiss and Augustus Wattles, of Kansas

I have the honor to remain
Yours Very Respectfully

Richard Realf

Messrs Stearns, Sanborn, Parker, and others, - of Boston, etc


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