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Untitled Document Hudson March 27th 56

Dear Son John I received yours of 13th on the 25th and was very glad to larn that all your Familys were so well and that you had not been disturbed by the enemy, your letteres come very regular and we look carefuly after them, I have been faithful to answer them not out of ambision but to keep one or more one the road all the time my health at present is not so good; for three weeks past I am some what put to it to breath mostly nights and some times feel as though death was at the dore, I feel as though God was very mensofull to keep such a great sinner on probation so long. I ask all of you to pray more earnestly for the salvation of my soul than for the life of my body and that I may give myself and all I have up to Christ and honer him by a sacrafise of all we have. I think that the movements of Congress will prevent an invasion of your rights they have voted to send to Kansas to investigate the situation elections I think of cliping from some papers some short Acts of Congresss and inclose them in a private letters and send them to you I think I shall have them very regular, I wrote Mr. Giddings about 3 weeks ago to send me the debats and acts of congress on the subjects of Kansas from time to time He was at home then sick but has now returned to Washington and the papers begin to come.

Friends are midling well as far as I know, I am now at Edwars it is rather a cold stormey day we have had a remarkable cold snowe winter and the snow is mostly on the ground now we have 5 only plesent days this week but have had no rain through the winter. I consider all of my Children at Kansas as one Family and hope will take turns in writing they are midling well a Edwars and wish to be remembered your unfaithful Parent

Owen Brown

[JB?] 28th after writing the above Edward had a paper from which we clipt the within. OB

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John Brown
Osawatomie K.T.


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