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Untitled Document Osawatomie Kansas Territory 1st Feby 1856

Dear Wife & Children every one

Your & Watsons letters to the Boys & Myself of Decem 30th & Jany 1st were received by last Mails. We are all very glad to hear again of your welfare; & I am particularly grateful when I am noticed by a Letter from you. I have just taken out Two Letters for Henry, One of which I suppose is from Ruth. Salmon & myself are so far on our way home from Missouri; & only reached the Adairs last night. They are all well; & we know of nothing but all are well at the Boys Shantees. The weather continues very severe: & it is now nearly Six Weeks that the Snow has been almost constantly driven (like dry Sand) by the fierce Winds of Kansas. Mr. Adair has been collecting Ice of late from the Osage River; which is 91/2 Inches thick, of perfect clean sollid Ice, formed under the Snow. By means of the sale of our Horse, & Waggon: our present wants are tolerably well met; so that if health is continued to us we shall not probably suffer much. The idea of again visiting those of my dear family at North Elba; is so calculated to unMan me that I seldom allow my thoughts to dwell uppon it; & I do not think best to write much about it. “Suffise it to say;” that God is abundantly able to keep both us, & you: & in him let us all trust. We have just learned of some new; & shocking outrages at Leavenworth: & that the Free State people there have fled to Lawrence: which place is again threatened with an attack. Should that take place we may soon again be called uppon to “buckle on our Armor;” which by the help of God we will do: when I suppose Henry, & Oliver will have a chance. My judgement is; that we shall have no general disturbance until warmer weather. I have more to say; but not time now to say it. So farewell for this time. Write

Your Affectionate Husband & Father

John Brown


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