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Untitled Document Chicago August 7. 1855
James B Abbott Esq

Dear Sir

I received your favor of the 6th inst written at Buffalo, this morning, and hasten to reply, - I do not feel that I can comply with your request, in soliciting subscriptions in aid of your enterprise I have thought of the subject considerably since I saw you and as a mere matter of Expediency (for I do not propose to consider it in any other light), I question the utility of your effort - You (the good people of Kanzas) are too many to be murdered, and too few by thousands to establish freedom at the point of the bayonet as I think – I have from the beginning regretted the Establishment of the Emigration Aid Societies, and every other Special effort, intended to operate locally upon Kanzas, so far as my desires for the future of that Territory were concerned – It has been more or less encouraging it is true, to see your Grinnells of New York and your Lawrences of Boston manifest some feeling, even it was ill directed, in favor of freedom in Kanzas, although or albeit it they at the same time made proclamation that they kept themselves ready harnessed at all times to catch a nigger, or mob an Abolitionist if their Sovreign Master the Slave Power demanded it – But to return to the subject, I regard it as utterly futile for the Free State men to attempt by force of arms to stay the incursions of the robber Goths

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from Missouri – A handful of men may do wonders in a good cause, miracles almost where they are [xxx] of even the Moral Support of their country men at large This Moral Support you will not have, - The robbers of Missouri are in my view fair representatives The religion of the Country – If I am right and such things are done in the green tree, what [xxx] we not Expect in the day – Nehemiah Adams dumb dog of infamous memory writes a book to quiet the conscience of the sheep of the north on subject of Slavery and his brethren at once promote him to a higher seat in the synagogue (of Satan) He is designated as the Orator of the day to preach at the first great conventicle of his order, after the publication of his Book – The Great [xxx] Society has been again and again convicted Forgeries in behalf of Slavery, which ought to send the perpetrators to the workshops of a prison, and the Anti Slavery De[xxx] says its course meets [xxx] entire approbation – Orville Dewey says he will [xxx] by the bloody confederacy though it demand of him the delivery of his Mother into Slavery – You will from the foregoing without further recitals understand my opinions in regard to the little Whiff of opposition to the introduction of Slavery into Kanzas – I regard the Christianity of this land a Sham, worse than [xxx] sham, a brazen faced lie – I believe Tyng. Dewey [xxx] Shannon, Spring, Bethune, Breckenridge, Hughs, [xxx] and Cone, to be fair samples of the flocks they lead

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blind leaders of the blind, who will never halt till all pitch into the ditch together – If Slavery should be firmly established in Kanzas, it would only furnish melancholy proof of the justice of my charge, but in my opinion would in no wise delay the Abolition of Slavery, an event only to be accomplished by the Thunderbolts of Heaven; or the right arms of the oppressed –

You perceive I have no faith – I have none in any peaceful Effort now on foot and none in the murderous little War contemplated by the brave and chivalrous little handful in Kanzas around whom this fighting movement revolves – For I take it that the Free State men in Kanzas, are largely made up of the same kind of cattle who have formed our Free Soil Parties in the States, and who are so largely holding office under Pierce now, and swearing by the Nebraska Bill and Fugitive Slave Law – There are not one third of them to be depended upon in any cause – They would hire out to a Fillibuster Captain tomorrow if the prospect of “beauty and booty” was not too remote

I have no [xxx] to engage in a united movement with my fellowmen any such enterprise – I know as a general fact, that it argues a bad heart when its possessors sees so much that is bad in his neighbors I cant help it, and do not care to exculpate myself by an attempt at vindication – I have no faith – I will show your letter to Mr Vaughan, and he may think it best to endeavor to make up a purse – As I remarked to you when here, those upon whom I

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should think of calling are mostly out of the City, at this time – I have for several years past been so much isolated from the community that I do not know, who is who –

Very truly Yours

L C P Freer


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