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Untitled Document Know all men by these presents that this indenture made between Isaac T. Goodnow, Agent for “Bluemont Central College Association,” Riley County, K. T. of the first part, & Jasher H. Brous, Pottawatomie County, Kansas Territory, of the second part witnesseth; that the party of the Second part is to do all the carpenter & joiner work upon a College building of Stone, 44 by 60 ft, 3 stories high.

The First Story is to be supported by 5 girders, framed as per drawing, with joists double tusked, backed ¾ of an inch to 16 ft. in length, to be 18 inches from Centre to Centre. To be divided into 4 rooms & a hall.—See drawing. Studding 16 inches from centre to centre; two octagonal pillars with base & caps neatly executed, in the largest room; 5 inner doors, 4 panneled to be finished on both sides with fillet & moulding. Two outside doors; front door double, to be finished on both sides with fillet & moulding on the face, and bead & but on the inside

Back door single, same style as front. Doors , outside, 2 inches thick,--inside 1½ inches. Front door with side lights & transom eliptical

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head; sills, stone by Mason-pattern by the carpenter. Closet under the stairs to be finished for lathing.

Second Floor.

Girders & partitions the same in number as on the first floor. Joists framed & backed as on the first floor, & 16 inches from centre to centre. 4 doors, finish as pr First floor.

Anchors to be placed by direction of the building committee.

Third Floor.

Girders & joists a duplicate of the second floor. One room for Chapel, save the Vestibule to surround the head of the last flight of stairs, to be built according to the direction of the building Committee.


Frame with 7. principal rafters, & purlin plates. Collar beam girt to be framed 5 ft above the square of the building & braced from principal as pr drawing. Eliptical arch to be formed by ceiling joists; 7. brackets on each side, bolted to the wall as anchors to the roof with won for ornament if needed.


Substantial frame for heavy bell, 16 ft square at the base, & 14 at the bell deck, to be finished

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as pr drawing, form the balustrades at the top, which may be altered for a modern pattern.

Blinds with four heads as pr drawing. Bell deck with seats on each side. Trap door on the upper deck for a “lookout.”

Floors to be white pine without sideboards for Cupola. 38 windows, 12 lights each, 12 by 20 inches, plank front as pr drawing on roof sheet, upper & lower sash, to be hung with pulleys: Two Middle front windows, the same as above, with side lights stationary;--see drawing. One trimmed Window- as pr drawing. Windows silled inside with 1½ inch boards, corners beaded instead of jams.


Base boards in all the rooms & halls 8 inches wide with moulding planted on, to be put down after plastering.—so with door finishing.

Stairs, strait,--tread 10 inches, rise 7 inches; Steps to be finished with [noss?] & Scotia continued rail with turned Newells 6 inches in diameter & balusters turned, 2 on each step. Rail imitation of would rail; all black walnut. Strips in both halls for coat and hat hooks. Patterns for flair of the window:, the arches over the door & Gable win-

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dow & the door sills to be furnished by the carpenter, also all lintels & blocks to be inserted in the walls to finish on to. Cornice with Eaves over hanging 2 feet. in quality or pattern similar to that on the M.E. Church, Manhattan, but in architectural proportions. See draft. A gutter of tin to be formed on the roof. It shall be the duty of the carpenter to receive the lumber, delivered on Bluemont College site & see that the quantity & quality is right pr contract, pile up the forms for seasoning, to prevent all waste & loss, & shall be held responsible for all building material placed in his hands. No charges to be made for any necessary alterations or “fixings” not specified here.

All parts to be executed in a neat substantial workmanlike manner. The party of the first part agree to pay the party of the Second part $3000. $1500 in lots in Manhattan at cash valuation, to be issued from time to time as they may be needed, & $1500 in cash; $500 by Nov 1st 1859; $350 by Feb 1st 1860; & $650 after the building has been completed 6 months, drawing interest at 8 pr. cent from the time the Building is done. Signed Sealed & delivered on this the 19th day of April, 1859.

Amanda T. Arnold Isaac T. Goodnow

N.B. Jasher H. Brous

Also said J. H. Brous agrees to do in the same contract the finishing off of a good well House.


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