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Untitled Document Manhattan K. T. Oct 3rd

My Dear Husband,

Yesterday the letter Br Marlatt & Joseph wrote estimating as near as they could what was lacking and other statistics, was sent to Boston—together with a note from me, with several articles, that Bronse wanted if it would do to ask for them, not wanting you to discommode yourself. He would like a whole piece of heavy grey twilled flannel blue and white and three or six pairs of woolen socks. Amanda Houston wants you to get her a [riglette?] (that is a knit hood, red and white. Ellen & Em Jane would like some blue ones if you could get them cheap. Amanda want hers like mine that Ellen wore last winter. Amanda would like a winter shawl if you could get a good one not to exceed four

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dollars. We are still in the old house and do not expect the other will be ready for us until next week. Glad to learn you are homeward bound but fear we shall not be in much rediness for you when you come as the upper or our part is not plastered. Shall be disappointed if David does not come. Hope Miss Bailey will not be disheartend if she finds us all in the suds. Br Paulsons folks are still very unwell and going to move to Manhattan as soon as they are able. I have been to meeting and heard Joseph. A beautifull day. Georgeanna is a little better but very unwell so I have to hold her some and be up more or less nights as I sleep with three since George’s head was hurt. Give my love to F’s wife and family and other friends you may see and accept much for yourself. Tell us when to expect you, and if David is with you. Excuse this note, Yours truly Ellen.

We shall need at least one thousand dollars ($1000) more than we reckoned for last spring to get the College Enterprise through the Winter

J. Denison


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