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Untitled Document Boston Aug 28th 1857

My dear Friend:

It is some months since our Kansas correspondence ceased, and I now reopen it in behalf of Capt. Brown, who as you perhaps know is now on the border of Kansas with a quantity of supplies for future service there. He has met with much discouragement since he left New England and New York in consequence of person not fulfill of his Expectations, sickness etc and is now/or was on the 14th at Tabor with little money on hand. I wish I could send you his letter to show you how true he is amid all his trials, but you know him well enough to believe anything good of him.

Now I am told there is a large sum of money in the hands of your county committee, of which Mr. Chapin is chairman – some $3000. There seems no reason why so much should be kept on hand idle, when it

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is needed so much in various ways. Mr. Whitman, who is coming to Worcester next Monday, will endeavor to get some of this appropriated to the use of Gen. Lane's organisation and he will also urge that some be forwarded to Capt Brown. Cannot you do something to stimulate your committee to this? $1000 or even $500. would be of great service to the Captain, and would relieve him from many of his embarrassments – It looks very much as if his company would be much needed in Kansas; at my rate, he is personally needed there, and ought to go in-

If no money can be got from your committee, (which will be the case unless they pay over better than they answer letters) can you not do something in your city and among your friends? Please take this seriously to heart as the concern of a brave man in present embarrassment.

J. B. address is “Nelson Hawkins, care of Jonas Jones, Tabor Iowa” – the officials in Kansas have some

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knowledge of his plans, Mr Whitman affirms.

Please add my name to your call for a disunion Convention.

I should be glad to hear from you at Concord, where I shall begin my new school on Wednesday next –
Yours Ever

F. B. Sanborn

T. W. Higginson


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