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Untitled Document Topeka Kansas
June 16, 1856

My Dear Wife –

I wrote you last on last Sunday. While many things have transpired during the past week yet they have been of such a public and notorious character that you will obtain a better account of them through the public prints than I could possibly write them. The Papers you must want to examine to ascertain our difficulties are the N. Y. Times and N. Y. Tribune - Almost any person in Meadville will lend them to you. I can send you no papers from Kansas - We have but two published here and they never get through Missouri.

I wrote to you on the 1st day of June not to come to Kansas until you could hear from me again. Since then I wrote to you twice, I think, repeating the same, and I now repeat again. You & Mr Nichols must not start until I tell you to come. I think matters will take a more favorable turn in a few days weeks at most. Yesterday – Sunday – The Ft. Riley Troops – Cannon and all, passed through this place on their way to the scene of Strife - The Ft. Leavenworth troops have been in the field for some time. We are hourly expecting word if a sanguinary battle between the U. S. Troops and the Border Ruffians - There will be about 1000 on a side – with Cannon, Dragoons, Infantry &c. &c. upon each side and it will be a desperate battle - Look out for the news of the result - Should there

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be a fight there is no telling when the thing will end - Gen. Whitfield commands the Missouri force, so I understand, and Col. Sumner the regulars –

I have got 35 acres of corn and Beans planted and tolerably well fenced - My house that blew down is pretty near done and will make a right pleasant place to live

I have recd the 398$ spoken of in your last, all right It will be enough to meet my present demands

We get accounts from the States that everything is there on fire - I think it is time. Yet the people of the States can have & do have no kind of idea the amount of suffering and outrage to which our people are subjected - A man must be here and go through the trials to appreciate them.

But every thing will come right in the morning - And Kansas will yet be not only a free state but the best state in the Union Mark that. And if anybody in Meadville wants a home they can find no better country for a home than Kansas - I certainly can conceive of nothing better than Kansas has been all this Spring -

You shall hear from me again soon - In the mean time do not start for Kansas until I tell you to come. Love to all.

As Ever Your aff. husband

C. K. Holliday

Of course you will tell Mr. Nichols the contents of this note – Advising him also not to start -


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