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Untitled Document LeRoy Genesee Co NY
Thaddius Hyatt Esqr Nov 3d 1856


Your agent N D Northrup Esqr. has given us two Lectures the first to Solicit aid for the Suffering of Kansas and the Second to promote the Election of Fremont – A society was formed on eve of the first lecture and we have collected & forwarded to W F M Arny Esqr Chicago Seven (7) Bbl valuabl Clothing that will avarage on apprisal of about $40—Each also about $50—in the hands of the Com of Cash to pay freight etc—A few of us had previously contributed nearly Two Hundred Dollars which was or is to be sent to the Tribune fund or to you.

And now one word in regard to your agent N D Northrup Esqr. This comunity have been favored with several Courses of Lectures for Some years before our Lyceum from

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Some of the most distinguished Speakers from the northern and Eastern States and we are good judges of talent and all without an Exception award to this boy the title of the Second Henry Clay.

His Second lecture was delivered on the 30th ult and altho unable to sit up during the day he held that vast audience for two hours in breathless Silence (only when broken by rapturous applause) & with the most Splendid Eloquence that ever fell from the likes of man – No Speaker during this Canvass (altho we have had them every week from all parties during the season) has called out Such Enthusiasm and Stired up the hearts of the multitude like this Young Clay – It is believed that if this Young Champion could Canvass the Northern States there would be no doubt about the result this fall – After the lecture

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the audiance were unwilling Seamingly to leave the Hall & our most distinguished Citizens huddled arund the Speaker and grasping his hand mingled tears with their congratulations

Our greatest fears are that he will overwork himself –

Yours for Freedom &

S. Chamberlin
Pres of LeRoy Kansas
Aid Society


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