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Untitled Document Manhattan, K. T. Feb 10th. 1859

Rev. E. E. Hale,

Dear Sir,

Knowing your interest in the enterprise, I write you that you may understand the present condition of “Bluemount Central College” & our future plans. We have pre-empted as a Town site one quarter Section of Land, called “Bluemont,” & added to it by purchase & donation 80 acres more. This is for the College Site & a Literary Town, to be built up by those wishing to educate their families. Several buildings are going up, & the wants of community require the immediate erection of the first College building to serve for the education of the masses & as a Preparatory Department for the College proper. The College

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building will be ½ a mile west of the town of Manhattan & will be a suburb of the same. We own 110 lots in Manhattan besides the donations of the E. A. Co. We have in good Notes for Lots sold, $2000. – subscriptions $1800. We have encouragements East of donations for buildings & endowment, so soon as the times become easy.

The College building, to be erected the coming season, will cost from 5 to $10,000, according to our success East in raising funds, - as we have decided to send on an agent early this spring. For beauty & Centrality, our location has no superior. We are on the natural rout for the Pacific R. R. & also on the shortest,- best road to the gold mines from Kansas City or Leavenworth. The College will call in [many?] settlers of the first class for

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its facilities, in educating their children. All these things combine to render it an enterprise of the first importance which should be urged forward with out delay. U. S. Surveyors say that the centre of the U. S. lies within a few miles of us! From this circumstance we inserted in the College title “Central.” We hope the patrons of education will so interest themselves that the institution may become worthy of its position & its name.

We wish donations for the building & to invest in land for a permanent endowment; whatever you can do for us within the extension circle of your influence will be duly appreciated.

We would be happy to name the first college Hall for some liberal donor & also the several professorships, as living monuments of the bounty of Living men.

If your numerous duties will allow, a line

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from you will be gratefully received.

Hoping to see you the coming spring or summer I am

Your Very Truly

Isaac T. Goodnow


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