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Untitled Document Lawrence K.T. May 10. 1858

My dear Hale

I was sorry to come off without having a long talk with you about many things in Kanzas If I had spent but three days in Boston I should have made more strenuous efforts to get that opportunity but knowing that I was to be there for months I waited for the opportunity to come to me & so missed it.

I write now to enlist your interest in a plan we have for the completion of our church building.

Our people do not ask or expect any further gratuitous help, but we must make a loan at a reasonable rate

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of interest 6 or even 10 per cent would be a great favor to us in the present condition of money affairs.

Here we could not raise it for ten times that rate. Every body is getting ready for the land sales the new act in our long drama of oppression from this infamous administration.

Besides we are now just experiencing the full effects of the financial panic of last fall. From the same causes now is a favorable time to build. Material & labor are much cheaper than ever before. If the house were completed we could rent the seats for a good sum.

The rent of the basement will pay our interest to the

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A. M. A. & nearly meet the two first payments of the principle [iz.?] $1000 in two years. We can give the best of security. Our trustees will sign the notes & three of our wealthiest men will endorse. Mayor Babcock who has a large amount of property here in lands & buildings, the late –Mayor James Blood who is also a man of means & some one of our society who has property enough to secure the whole amount.

We want $2000. The church & land when the building is completed will be worth at least one half what it has cost, I think over two thirds now & more than the cost in one years time. It will have cost when finished over twelve thousand dollars. We are to give

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a mortgage for five thousand to the A.M.A. which will be paid off in two years. We rent the basement for $500. We pay interest on but three thousand of the sum due the Assoc at 6 per cent.

Now you know, as I do not, who to ask for this loan & have influence with each person. Perhaps you can persuade several persons to take shares in the loan & let it lie for several years. I am confident it will be perfectly safe. We will give a mortgage on the property; the value is certainly sufficient to cover that & the sum due to the Assoc. Our church should be the first completed & it will be if we can make this loan.

Our meetings are now held in

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the principal room, rudely fitted up but unsightly, inconvenient & untidy. The congregations are large but would be much larger if we had a suitable place.

As to political affairs there is not much [static?] just now. Kansas will scorn the bribe but is rather indifferent about the Leavenworth Constitution. The general feeling seems to be “stay outside until after the ides of ’60 We shall then have a Congress & an administration which will do us justice”. But a considerable party are in favor of giving the present dynasty opportunity to refuse us an entrance under a Constitution of our choice on the same terms as are offered us by the last

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modification of Lecompton - I shall not be surprised if this policy was in the public favor & large vote be rolled up for the Leavenworth week after next. I hope it will be so. We are in good spirits & confident of a glorious victory about three years hence.

I thank you for your excellent sermon in the Revival. I tried my hand at the subject yesterday.

Hoping soon to get an encouraging word from you I remain,

Affectionately yours,

E. Nute
Rev E. E. Hale.

Postscript. I have written on the loan to Mr Wm H. Knights who lives in Avon place & mentioned that I have written to you speaking of him as one

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likely to take part in the loan. He is the man who gave the bell for our church. Perhaps he will make the whole loan or one half of it.

I know I can rely on your interest to excuse me for troubling you with this matter.

E. N.


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