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Untitled Document Boston Oct. 1, 1856

Chas. H. Branscomb Esq,
Dear Sir,

You are requested by the Executive Committee of the N. E. Emigrant Aid Co. to proceed at once to Lawrence K. T. by such route as you may find most practicable. On your arrival you will communicate immediately with Mr. Pomeroy & advise with him in reference to the affairs of the Co. For instructions, you are referred to a letter of this date addressed to yourself and to Mr Pomeroy as Agents.

The rebuilding of the Free State Hotel at Lawrence is entrusted to your charge. If on your arrival, or Soon after, the state of affairs in Kansas in your judgement warrants the continuance of this work you are instructed to make contracts for the construction of the basement walls of the Hotel according to the plans in your possession, - but you will in no case expend or become liable for an amount exceeding the sum of Two Thousand Dollars, without further instructions from the Ex. Com.

A letter of Credit for $2000 - from

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A. J. Stone Asst. Treas. is herewith enclosed. The balance remaining of the letters of Credit to you of date of July 30, 1856 & June 28, 1856 is hereby revoked, & you are requested to forward the letters to Mr. Stone endorsed by yourself as cancelled.

For the Executive Committee

L. B. Russell
C. J. Higginson


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