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Untitled Document Washington D.C.
March 3rd /58

Dear Governor;

A letter from S. I. Jones, Esq, Sec'y of "Lecompton Town Company", accompanied with Certificate, dated 5th May, last, reached me this morning.

This Certificate, as you will discover, is issued to T. S. Robinson, which is a misnomer - the S. should be a J.

The original Certificate was issued to L. R. Smoot, and by him assigned to me (Tho. J. Robinson), and by me forwarded for cancellation, and reissue to me directly.

I enclose the Certificate, etc, in order that the error may be

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corrected on the books of the Compy and on the face of the Certificate, at once.

The chances for selling are rather blue, it is to be supposed.

Do as you think best - it cost me 18 mos. since $287.60/100

Please attend to this - and sell or remit the corrected Certificate to me, as you may think best.

The State will be inaugurated under the Lecompton Constitution, and you permitted to return to us in 6 weeks or 2 mos. at the furthest-

You have thus far met the approbation of the National Democracy - and if you continue to obey orders, without setting up for yourself - you will come off gloriously victorious, where

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so many have found political graves.

What will be Calhoun's decision as to the Crossing Vote (Delaware) is uncertain - It cannot prevent the admission, as that is a fixed fact. I hope that the Dem's will keep as cool as possible - and not have a fight with the out-laws - until after the admission. That is the wish of all here.

Tom Herndon, says, that he has written you, etc.

We are very busy in the office.

With every wish for your complete success, I am
Your friend
T. J. Robinson

Hon J.W. Denver
Sec'y & Gov K. T.
Lecompton, K. T.


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