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Untitled Document Wyandott July 22. 1859
My object in dropping you these lines is to apprise you that since that silly and ill advised move you made the Convention to deprive Indians, (who by treaty stipulation have acquired the rights of citizenship) of the right of suffrage with negroes, a deep and fiery exasperation has been kindled against you among some rash and reckless men whose rights would be affected should your measure be adopted.

At first it was determined to inflict personal chastisement; but it was suggested that that would not do, as no better piece of fortune could fall to your lot – it would be the making of you. You would be regarded throughout your own party as a martyr. You would become a second Sumner -–you would be lionized in Exeter Hall – You would groan for years under pretended fracture of the cranium and an incurable curvature of the spinal column. Honors and “greatness would be thrust upon you” –

But now let me warn you

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- a worse than a flagellation is, as I am convinced, in waiting for you – your life is in peril – depart as soon possible.

Go by the way of Kansas City – avoid the Lawrence road.

I do not wish our new County to be the theatre of any lawless outbreaks

I do not write this from any mischievous design; it is written in truth and soberness.

To J. M. Winchell Esqr


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