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Untitled Document Leavenworth Jany 17, 1861

Dear Hugh.
Enclosed is a receipted bill for a package I sent Mother a day or so ago. Please hand it to her.
It is probable that I will be in Lancaster in the course of the next two or three weeks on my way (not to the Senate) but to New York: whither two or three gentlemen from Kansas are going to see if it be practicable to get money to loan to our needy farmers. I shall go thence to Washington to endeavor to aid Govr. Robinson to the appointment of Comr. of Ind: Affairs, for which he is an applicant with a fair show of success. If R is appointed, I will go to the Senate, sure. If not, I will still stand a fair chance, but

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may very likely be beaten by a combination between Lane & Parrott, or Lane & Pomeroy: or by a lavish use of money by either one of the P's, without a combination with Lane. I am very quiet on the subject, and have said scarcely a word except to a very few friends: but there is some work being done, by the best workers in the party, to effect the object.

I rejoice in your faith in the Union. I go for its preservation, even though it cost a civil war ending only with the destruction of one section and the exhaustion of the other. I want to see the dominant party extend to the South the olive branch -- & if that is refused, draw the sword.

Thomas Ewing Jr

Hugh Ewing Esq


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