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Untitled Document Leavenworth City
June 5, 1857

Dear Judge.
I have invested your cash left with me to first rate advantage in lots in Days Addition which lies along side of Facklers Addition, on the north. Will send you the deed and a plat in a few days.

I sent you deed for the two shares in South Leavenworth. They are worth now at least $2,000 each. Will send you deed for Pilot Knob lot shortly. I sold 17 1/2 acres off the west end of the range to the person of whom I bought at $260 an acre -- which is below the market rate. I can sell your lot for $300 I think to same man. Do you want to sell?

Enclosed is my deed from you for the interest in the L'Eau Qui court town site. Please send it to the proper place for [MS. burned] I have it returned [MS. burned: several words are missing]

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I have not heard from you since you left here -- Have written you several times. Please advise me how matters go on. The improvement here is great, & prices firm or steadily advancing.

Abbott did well with his claim -- I was delighted to hear of his good luck -- I saw him but a moment as he passed here on his way down to see his family.

If you have not yet sent a bond for the three lots in Middle Addition which you spoke of sending, you need not do it. I have waited some time with [MS. illegible] but, not hearing from you, shall invest it here.

The Mills purchase was made. We are in litigation about 54 acres of the tract which is greatly better than an average. Dr. Day claims it, as a bona fide prior purchaser. We have gone into chancery -- When we shall get out, the Lord & the [MS. burned] alone can tell.

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The gentlemen who went in with us to make the purchase failed to raise the cash -- and my brother had to enlist other Capitalists. We are left with a reduced interest: and would not care to part with any of it for lots in the mode we talked of. If you can secure the site for a town at what will be the termination of the 42d parallel rail road, we shall hold ourselves open for an exchange with you for an interest there.

Let me hear from you fully at your earliest leisure.

Yours truly
Tho. Ewing Jr

M. F. Moore Esq
Sioux City Iowa


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