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I mail with this letter draft for $31. Please endorse it on my note & return it by your letter to me. And accept my thanks for it now. P.S. I have just seen one of the Leading politicians republican he thinks the north will sustain us in Kansas- I shall hope to be with you [xxx] of winter with a [xxx] company

My Dear Sir Utica Nov 12 1856 OCB

I arrived here some weeks since, and have been busy, having spoken to ten different assemblies before and since Election, three of which were to influence aid to the people of Kansas. At Chicago saw Mr Arny, who assurd me that our people should have their proper share of attention and that he would visit our place in person-There were several packages in office here directed to you. I have advised the amounts being raised to be forwarded to National Committee and then to Central Com-Kansas- Now if our people do not get their proper share of supplies furnished which up to time I came away was the case please advise me and I will raise means (if I can) expressly for our people, I gave them & recommended your name as a com-- of distribution for our neighborhood. In writing please give me all the particulars, who yet remains, how they feel, whether improving,- if any new comers, and what stamp-how many proslavery are there, new ones, or old, if balance of Town was destroyed as stated by several letters in times and Tribune if , not, if mill is running- if Stores has bot Hughes claim. Where is Whitney Wood, my nephew, Tator etc If any one attempts to jump my claim etc. If Cranes house remains & who occupies it,

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if any cows and calves are found? How many potatoes in that Field? Will you take care of that plow? Does mail run regular. Now, do people dare go to Mo or Westport or Kansas-How do you all feel about Buchanan being next president. Is the feeling to hold on if reunited [xxx] new comers-aid etc in short write anything you can think of-as all will be interesting. The feeling here as far as I can see is to hold on to Kansas. The strong vote of the Republican party must have an influence upon the incoming administration, and I hope prevents its repetition of the shameful outrages committed under cognizances of govt I think I can Easily raise 100 good and true men to come & settle in Kansas-Men who want to change climate-business etc-Men of means who are going west in the Spring-to locate in some places. Many have already given me their names as desirous of visiting Ks, We should build our Church and also our Baptist people, if we can have protection in the Spring- This would give employment to our laboring people. Many good people of North have been made to believe that the Kansas outrages were got up for political effect, but now that Election is past, they will listen to facts and believe. The K. N. Fillmore party are dead. F getting only Maryland, most of them will join us. No issue transcending “Liberty or Slavery” can be raise and as that is the ground work of the Republican Superstition it is sure to carry in [xxx]- as sure as that the sun rises. In mean time, the question of liberty in Kansas, will be agitated, and the subject given

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given up or over [xxx]. Kansas has her rights, till the black code of Mo Fire Eaters is hurled back to the bottomless pit whence it came. For this I trust all are working and will work. Let us hope on and struggle on. I shall visit my home, as quick as I can get the means to do it. I will send you the bal. of money I owe you through the National Committee in this letter & will also write you same time. I shall send this to them to forward lest you do not get it, by N.Y. Mail regular. I send Key of the trunk. It contains books, stationary, etc, I think. And I believe some bottles of ink which please remove, as they may freeze and damage other things. Please use any of the articles in Trunk, if you need. Spencer came back to us here, 2 weeks ago-Do you know Woodburys address-a place East, if so write me-I wrote Genl Pomeroy desiring to have the Town plot, registered regularly as he may not get the letter. I desire Mr. Roscoe to find the bounds at the Ravine on the Gorge, thence the [x] corner of my claim thence on to stake north of the road on the West boundary of the Town and cut out of the Map of the Town my claim & part of Brennans covered by said Map-Paste a blank margin on the part cut off

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and have it properly filed in Clerks office in name of the trustees-

This Mr. Pomeroy would attend to if Mr. Roscoe could get it ready for him, as I very much desire to hear from you, please send your answer by private hands-if possible and direct to A L Spencer if you cannot so send without much delay, advising me also by short note that you had written me but not, saying to me, to what address you wrote-A L Spencer & OCB- Utica N. Y. I am aware that I shall severely tax you in all this, trust that good may come of it. Write if any of the P. S. claims are for sale, and at what prices as near as you can learn baring to much trouble, I hope no one will presume to jump my claim at Brennans as we have not the slightest idea of giving them up-nor has Mr Crone and I think Mr Keeler intends pre-empting his He has been speaking for Fremont also Suiter.

With my best regards to Mrs Adair, & others of our neighbors
I am very truly yours
O C Brown


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