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Untitled Document Munroe Falls August 8th 55
Dear S L Adair and Family

Yours are not by me at present but have been received with great satisfaction we rejoice that you enjoy so great contentment with your situation I hope it may continue and that your usefullness may be in proportion we are living much a usual our healths are middling good so fare as I know and it is general, we have had a wet and warm summer the crops middling good, we live much as usual I have not much to write but I wish to do some thing to keep you a writing John has been gon some weeks to the east but I have just heard he he has arrived at Hudson and will be hear today I shall have more to write after seeing him. John came in a very short time after I stopt writin he thinks to start for Kansas next week he has something of a warlike spiret I think as much as necessary for defence I will hope nothing more, I hope God will take you all under his care I wish we might all chearfully resign ourselves and all we have for time and eternity to him. I live part of my time at Munroe with Edward but shall be away when we get through harvesting hay and grain, I do not think of any thing new or strange to write, I think things apear more favorable about the College the Presedent has resigned and a new one appointed A W. Hichcock a minister at Columbus son of judg Hichcock I think a good bread. [breed?] I have thought for some time that Kansas would be be the seat of war but did not think of it falling so heavy as I fear it will on my Family

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I hope all will be found in the path of duty and that we shall chearfully submit beleaving that God will do wright. I have no counsels to give so good as to refier you to the Law and testamoneys of God. I should write oftener if I were not wateing for something to write you do not lack for new subjects to write I want you to write very often all my dear Children in your parts have a shair in my affections I design to send by son John $40 one half for you and the other for Jason he may give a note which you ma keep. I shall expect a letter from Charles your in middlin health

Owen Brown

Munroe Falls 11th Aug 1855

Dear Brother & Sister

I add a few words merely to say that I now expect to be on my way to Kansas within two or three days but some expect to go to Grafton; then back to Cleveland All well yet so far as I know

Your Affectionate Brother
John Brown


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