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Territory of Kansas } [xxx]

William Phillips having been summoned before me on 23rd day of May 1855, and being duly sworn says that one day last week, he thinks Thursday or Friday, while he was at work, he saw a number of persons go down to his office in a body & from there they came to where I was at work raising a building – They walked up to where I was at work, one of them Mr. Hughes asked me if I would leave the Territory , I replied I will not leave the Territory – Mr McLear told Mr Gould who was standing near me to stand back – Mr Hughes I believe it was, told those standing by to take hold of me. Two persons, I can not say positively who, took hold of me, one hold of each arm, and told me I must walk with them, They pushed me along, rather faster than a person would naturally walk, I told them not to use force, that I was unarmed, that it was of no use to crowd me so fast, that I would not resist, or language to this effect – They walked with me down to the river the landing in front of Mr [xxx] store – They told me I must get into that boat, there was two, they first said the [upper?] one but determined upon the other.

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I got in & the rest some fourteen or fifteen I judge – from [xxx] to fifteen. The names as far as I recollect were, James M. Lyle D. J. Johnson, D. Scott Boyle, Wm. R. Adams, [xxx] Pollard, Wm. Blair, Burnam, Moore, Posey, McLear & Hughes

They pushed off the boat, and commenced rowing across to the island opposite Leavenworth, and crossed to the island; and over the Island to the main land of Missouri. Lyle when we first got into the boat, seized my arm with [xxx] force, when I told him it was of no use, to let me go, I was not going to escape.

They held consultations from time to time after they crossed the river, until they had taken me to Weston.

Then and on this side of Weston they abused my person and abused me by language – The abuse to my person consisting in various indignities to me.

The particulars are not stated now fully, at the suggestion of the Judge before whom this deposition is taken –

Taken & sworn before me this 23d. day of May A. D. 1855

Sam. D. Lecompte
Ch Jus - Terr of Kansas [xxx]


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