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Untitled Document Rawsonville July 7th /56
Dear Bro & Sister
We have looked every mail for a letter from you for a fortnight at least, the last we received from you bearing date May 23rd and 27th which was answered immediately, The newspapers are full of exciting Kansas news I have read a summary of John Jr trial the examination of witnesses likewise the burning of his house and library We do sympathise with you all in these perilous times, and would give you the material aid if we were sure you would get it, but let me tell you there are Kansas Aid Societies forming all over the country and Ladies are forming the same, to aid families that have suffered and some one will be appointed to carry it to them I have had two or three calls from Mrs Nettleton who left Hickory Point the 1st of June, and who will return the best time. Johns boys have seen her there, her friends live about five miles north of us

There seems to be a perfect array of forces for and against the present Administration and we must see things better or much worse than they have been, I have been quite poorly for several weeks not able to do any work now I am writing this in my lap a few lines at a time Mrs Judson of Lafayette was here two or three weeks since and enquired if you had received notice of your being made life member of American Missionary Ass
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Celia wants mother to write for her to Emma and Charles but shall have to defer it until better able Love to you all I hope that you all will keep good courage remembering that the battle is not always to the swift or strong. God will avenge his own people at the best time My sympathy and good wishes to John and his children write to us often and keep us posted of your affairs your affectionate Sister

Marian L Hand
Marian has left some spare room and I hasten to fill it up before sending out this letter We feel verry anxious to hear from you as often as possible and wish you would write the particulars of your situation and also of John and his boys as far as you can We see your names in the news papers as connected with the difficultys in your place hope you will not be overcome by your enemies or become discouraged We think here that the time is not far distant when there will be a reaction and the wicked will meet their certain doom We feel verry sure that we shall elect Fremont for president and thus put an end to the present corrupt administration and with it establish freedom not only in Kansas but throughout the North at least if they want Slavery at the South let them have it to their hearts content

yours truly T. W. Hand


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