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Untitled Document Wabaunsee, K. T. Dec. 14th ’59

Rev. S. L. Adair,
Dear Brother,

Will you do me the favor to give me an item or two of information? I am curious in regard to matter which it seems to me, you better than almost any one else can inform me.

My opinion of “John Brown of Osawatomie” has been all along somewhat different from that which the entire north, almost, seem now to entertain. Have I been in error? If I have done him injustice I would like to know it. I need not say I want the information for no public purpose, but merely for my own satisfaction and that of a few friends

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with whom I have conversed about him.

Anything you may be pleased to communicate I can have entire confidence in and no use will be made of it other than you may indicate. Even should my fears be realized I can of course have no heart to injure the reputation of one who so hardly and nobly manifested his interest in the poor slave. But while I join in the general admiration of his heroics at Harpers Ferry – as well as at Osawatomie – I confess to a painful feeling of distrust of his christian character & of some of his statements.

In the conversation with his wife reported in the Independent, it is stated he united with the Cong. Church at Hudson O. Removing thence to Pa. he then united with a Presbyterian Church. Of his church connection since nothing is said. Has he that you have information been connected with any church since? And if

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so with what church? No doubt you saw and knew much of him since, or during, his residence in Kansas – May I venture to ask so pointed a question as this; Did you then regard him as Christian man? Has your opinion coincided with his declaration that he never took life except in self defence?

I know very well it may be a delicate matter for you, under the circumstances to answer these questions candidly but if you can do so you will oblige me -

It is a little strange that you and I have been in Kansas nearly or quite five years and I have never seen your face but once – I wish you could attend the meetings of the general association. I shall not however be able to attend another meeting myself. I expect to leave the Tery. in April next. The circumstances of my

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aged parents are such as to render it imperative that I should return to Pa and take care of them. For some reason I regret it very much – I have a pleasant and interesting field of labor here. I hardly ever expect to find a more inviting one

We have no special interest in our church at present, but I earnestly and almost confidently hope to see souls converted before I leave-

It is not improbable I may at some future time return to Kansas, and spend the remainder of my life here.

With Sincere regard,
Your Brother,
Harvey Jones


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