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Untitled Document Tecumseh Nov. 16. ’59.

Col. Stinson –

Dear Sir – Herewith I send you proposed form for Deeds, and a sample of vignettes in case you desire to have one on those to be printed – The middle vignette is a new cut – The Deeds should be neatly printed on Foolscap. I expect to go to Lawrence again on Tuesday next, when, if you desire it, I will see to the printing –

And now in regard to our own individual affairs:- With the liberality and good faith which has ever characterised your dealings, and in consideration of the prospects then very flattering, to which I had devoted much time and expended a large amount of money, you

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set apart for me the ten acres now in my possession, and we confidently trusted that in a short time we should have a bridge here. – This was in ’57–’58 – before hard times had come upon the community so severely.

From the amount of work done and the facilities for completion – (If $10.000 could be raised to complete the abutments, the Cincinnati firm will furnish the Superstructure and rely upon tolls for pay-) – I am confident that the work will yet be finished, as money is now loaning at 2 ½ a 3 per cent, instead of 5 & 6, as formerly. These rates must continue to diminish as the population becomes more self supporting, and as soon as a State organization is perfected it will inspire confidence in the stability of our Institutions and capital will become available for public improvements at reasonable rates – A large amount of the Subscriptions remain unpaid but will be collectable.

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Some time ago, in order to make the matter definite and protect our interests alike, particularly as I had already expended a large amount upon my house (which, up to the present time has cost me nearly $4.000) we entered into an agreement in writing, in substance that if the bridge were built I should have the land as first mentioned – if not, that I should pay $750. for same. During the whole time I have been laboring to complete my house and now have my lumber & lath on hand for prosecuting the work – My windows & frames will be ready to put in in a few days, as I have them made in Lawrence – I hope by Early spring to have the building completed & furnished – for use as a Hotel if possible.

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While so many have abandoned the Town or worked against its interests, I have never flinched, now countenanced the offers of our neighboring Townsmen – Towards yourself my policy has always been true & faithful, and so far as any of your individual business was concerned, without charge, - merely based upon the spirit of friendship & accommodation so mutually existing ever since ’55. –

With these considerations I have to offer a proposal – The St Louis notes of Ladew Peers & Co – which I have paid and have in my possession amount to a little over $500 –

What say you to compromising and completing our land arrangement and having the affair definitely settled at once, by dividing the chances & prospects and accepting $375 in full? – This, with the wheat that I purchased, and the wheat that Pratt got but which I took off his hands, a little running account of my own individually with Martin, a few cords of wood etc would very nearly discharge the whole of the obligation, and relieve you from anxiety on their account –

Please call & see me or drop me a line in the Post office –

Yours Truly
Edwd Hoogland


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