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Untitled Document Lawrence K T
July 23rd

Dear Father-

When I last wrote you I was weak and almost helpless from recent illness. Now I am nearly well and enjoying this delicious climate and beautiful “country” as well as the peculiar circumstances surrounding us will admit.

Confinement has to me enhanced the beauty of this “external world” which ever seems to me the preparation of long years of trial and endurance, for the habitation of men even in its solitude rather than fresh & unsubdued from natures hand.

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Your late favor was duly received as ever with pleasure – nothing could rejoice me more than the news of the good health of you all.

I was not surprised but mortified, deeply mortified to know that in Vermont, the first born under the Federal Constitution and early dedicated to freedom by trials and sacrifices too soon forgotten by the degenerate offspring of noble sires, there should be found those so lost to self respect and bound to the menial service of political partisanship as to exult at the temporary success (wishing that success might be final) of Border Ruffianism against the unoffending but deeply wronged people of Kansas. A people who

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have suffered grosser outrages systematized and legalized than have ever inflicted upon a people in any civilized country for half a century.

I have no words to express my contempt and scorn of the poor [xxx] at the north who uphold and sustain a system of wrong in Kansas, to which if they themselves with all their boasted sympathy and palpable affiliation were subjected, neither their lives nor property would be safe for an hour. Is it because they belong to the so called Democratic party? So does Andrew H Reeder, J. H. Lane Wm Y Roberts and a large majority of the leading men of Kansas, but they have learned to graduate their political sympathies by a

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different standard than that of the bodies and souls of men.

Such example should put to shame the pliant minions of political dictatorialship. Especially in Vermont. Ignorance can no longer be plead in palliation of the crimes in which they are implicated of murder, robbery and rapine. It is true “free state” men exasperated and abused beyond endurance have in a few cases retaliated upon their oppressors but even these cases are rare and greatly exaggerated in the reports that reach you. In reference to the affair you mentioned at “Potawatomie” there have been numerous and conflicting reports of it. The facts
from a most careful and reliable investigation are as follows; numerous outrages upon free state men have been previously inflicted in that vicinity in which these men, Dizler and others were implicated. One man

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had been robbed and had property destroyed to the amount of $2500. and his life threatened by these same men on the very night of the unfortunate occurrence. He is the only “Free State” man known to be engaged in the affair.

Two “Germans” who have followed the Santa Fe trail for years are supposed to have been engaged with him. They entered a house where these men were apparently preparing to execute their threats (not in bed as reported) and killed them all. There was no mangling of the bodies, which report

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grew out of the fact that a man by the same name of one of the victims being brutally murdered about the same time by the “Cumanche” Indians though a 150 miles from that place. These are the facts from the most reliable information.

There are some troubles reported about the country though not of any extensive nature.

A large number of Northern Emigrants is expected soon and we need them, especially if the “Senate Bill” becomes a law.

The weather is very warm and business dull. I have not fully decided to visit the States yet tho I should like to much.

Regards to friends, write soon and often.

O. E. Learnard


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