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Photograph, Calhoun County Courthouse
c. 1855
An exterior view of the Calhoun County Courthouse, built c.1855. Calhoun County included part of what is now northern Shawnee County and all of Jackson County.

Keywords: Calhoun County, Kansas Territory (see also Jackson County, Kansas Territory); Courthouses; Jackson County, Kansas Territory (see also Calhoun County, Kansas Territory); Photographs and Illustrations; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory

Authors: No authors specified.

Letter, Joseph Denison to Dear Br. [Isaac] Goodnow
September 7, 1859
Joseph Denison wrote from Soldier Creek, Jackson County, K.T., to Isaac Goodnow. Denison reported on the construction of the Bluemont College building, advising him that the lower floor would need plastering before classes could be held there in the coming winter. He recounted the sinking of the steamer "Gus Linn", which was carrying building supplies for the College, on a sandbar in the Kansas River. Denison also recommended that Goodnow see about purchasing a common seal for the Trustees of Bluemont College to use on legal documents.

Keywords: Blood, C.E.; Bluemont Central College; Business enterprises; Construction; Denison, Joseph; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; House furnishings; Jackson County, Kansas Territory (see also Calhoun County, Kansas Territory); Kansas River, Kansas Territory; School buildings; Steamboats

Authors: Denison, Joseph

Letter, William F. Creitz to "Col. James Redpath"
December 17, 1859
William F. Creitz of Holton, who had served under Aaron Stevens as captain of a Kansas militia company, wrote Redpath regarding "the particulars of 'Old John Brown's' final departure from this territory." Brown and company, which included "eleven fugitives," reached Holton on January 27, 1859, and Creitz described the events that followed, to which he was an "eyewitness" and participant, including the Battle of the Spurs. Creitz's "article" was prepared "to assist you [Redpath] in your praiseworthy undertaking that of publishing the lives of those heroic men." Redpath published "Echoes of Harper's Ferry" in 1860, and Richard J. Hinton used this material in his "John Brown and His Men (1894).

Keywords: Abolitionists; Atchison, David Rice, 1807-1886; Battles; Border ruffians; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Free state militia; Fugitive Slave Law; Fugitive slaves; Hinton, Richard Josiah; Holton, Kansas Territory; Jackson County, Kansas Territory (see also Calhoun County, Kansas Territory); Kagi, John Henry; Lecompton, Kansas Territory; Militia; Nebraska Territory; Redpath, James, 1833-1891; Sharps rifles; Slave power; Spurs, Battle of the; Stevens, Aaron Dwight (see also Whipple, Charles); Topeka, Kansas Territory; Underground railroad; United States marshals

Authors: Creitz, William F.


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