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Atchison and St. Joseph Rail Road!
July 28, 1857
This advertisement announces a meeting of stockholders in Atchison on August 8, 1857.

Keywords: Atchison County, Kansas Territory; Atchison and St. Joseph Railroad; Pomeroy, S. C. (Samuel Clarke), 1816-1891; Railroad companies

Authors: Pomeroy, S. C. (Samuel Clarke), 1816-1891

Speech, Fellow Citizens--Opposing the Lecompton Constitution
c. 1858
This hand-written speech appeared to be another by John Alexander Martin, seemingly composed for delivery in the spring and/or early summer of 1858, not long after he took over Atchison's Squatter Sovereign and renamed it Freedom's Champion. Here the speaker aimed his attack at the Buchanan administration and the English Bill, and the renewed attempt to pass the Lecompton Constitution at a referendum scheduled for August 2, 1858, and thus overturn the free-state victory that had already been won. The speaker seemed confident it would be defeated, as the constitution itself had been in January but hoped for an overwhelming vote against (perhaps as many as 15,000).

Keywords: Buchanan administration; Constitutions; English Bill; Free labor; Lecompton Constitution; Martin, John A., 1839-1889; Missouri compromise; Popular sovereignty; Slave power; Slavery; Squatter sovereignty

Authors: Martin, John A., 1839-1889

Letter, John A. Martin to Sir
c. 1858
In his capacity as chairman of the Atchison County Republican Central Committee, John Alexander Martin apparently wrote this draft of a letter to a member of the Democratic opposition, responding to an invitation to make a speech in support or participate in a discussion of the proposed Wyandotte Constitution. The campaign for its ratification took place in August and September 1858. Martin expressed a willingness to speak out for the constitution, but he objected to the proposed format ("the programme of discussion you have laid down"). Martin insisted that the Republicans were "proud" of the constitution and "are willing to go before the people with the members of the Democratic party" and discuss its provisions "on any fair terms."

Keywords: Atchison County, Kansas Territory; Black Republicans; Constitutions; Democratic Party (U.S.); Martin, John A., 1839-1889; Republican Party (U.S.: 1854- ); Wyandotte Constitution

Authors: Martin, John A., 1839-1889

Report of H. J. Strickler, Commissioner to Audit Claims of Citizens of the Territory of Kansas
Stephen Johnston of Atchison filed claim # 213 for supplies furnished to the territorial militia under the command of D. M. Johnston in December 1855. Items provided included food and ammunition. Each claimant had to submit an itemized list and have two witnesses attest to the losses claimed. Even though many of these claims were approved for payment, no funds were ever appropriated or distributed.

Keywords: Ammunition; Atchison County, Kansas Territory; Atchison, Kansas Territory; Damage claims; Food; Johnston, D. M.; Johnston, Stephen; Strickler, Hiram Jackson

Authors: Strickler, Hiram Jackson

Promotional Brochure for Lancaster City, Atchison County, Kansas
This promotional brochure advertised Lancaster City, which was located in Atchison County. It includes the price of lots, features around the city, and describes what has already been built in the city.

Keywords: Atchison County, Kansas Territory; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; Lancaster City, Kansas Territory; Land sales; Settlement; Weightman, Henry R

Authors: Smith and Wigton

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