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Map, Topeka Town Lots
c. January 1856
This hand drawn map of Topeka, Kansas was probably created by Franklin L. Crane on behalf of the Topeka Association. The accounts of the Topeka Association included elsewhere described how Crane numbered the lots to keep track of who owned which lots so the association could to sell unclaimed lots.

Keywords: Maps; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory; Streets; Topeka Association; Topeka, Kansas Territory; Town lots; Town settlement

Authors: Topeka Association

Photograph, Constitution Hall, Topeka, Kansas Territory
An exterior view of Constitution Hall, Topeka, Kansas Territory. The Constitutional Convention met here in 1855 and the Topeka Legislature was dispersed from the building by Col. Edwin Vose Sumner in 1856.

Keywords: Illustrations; Photographs and Illustrations; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory; Topeka Constitutional Convention, October 1855; Topeka buildings; Topeka, Kansas Territory

Authors: Topeka Association

Photograph, Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas
c. 1860
A view looking south from Sixth Street on Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas, early 1860s. The Topeka Drug Store was located at 607 Kansas Avenue. Many of the buildings shown in the photograph were built during the Kansas territorial period. The photograph was taken by W. P. Bliss, Photographic Car.

Keywords: Banks and banking; Business enterprises; Cartes de visite; Cities and towns; Commerce; Drugstores; F. W. Giles & Co.; Groceries; Grocery trade; Horses; Photographs and Illustrations; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory; Topeka Drug Store; Topeka buildings; Topeka, Kansas Territory; Wagons

Authors: W. P. Bliss, Photographic Car

Battle of Indianola from Autobiography, volume 1
The section of Samuel Reader's autobiography deals with the Battle of Indianola, which occurred on August 30, 1856. The autobiography is based on notes from his diary for the same period. The reminiscence describes events near Indianola, Shawnee Co. when the local militia gathered to prevent theft and burning by pro slavery supporters but no fighting actually occurred.

Keywords: Free state militia; Indianola, Battle of; Indianola, Kansas Territory; Proslavery supporters; Reader, Samuel James; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory

Authors: Reader, Samuel James

Bill of Lading, Steamboat Lebanon
June 23, 1857
Bill of lading listing several items of furniture to be shipped by Smith & Haneley via the steamboat Lebanon from Cincinnati, Ohio to J. Cook & Co. in Tecumseh, Kansas Territory.

Keywords: Bills of lading; Business; Commerce; Furniture; J. Cook and Company; Lebanon (steamboat); Retail businesses; Steamboats; Stores (see Retail businesses)

Authors: Smith & Haneley

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