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Letter, George W. Bell to [William] Hutchinson and [James] Blood
October 26, 1856
From Hickory Point in Jefferson County, George Bell, an agent for the Kansas Central Committee, wrote William Hutchinson and James Blood at Lawrence regarding the condition of the "Burr family" and their specific relief needs. They were described as "destitute" of food and clothing.

Keywords: Blood, James; Clothing and dress; Free state settlers; Hickory Point, Kansas Territory; Hutchinson, William, 1823-1904; Kansas Central Committee; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; National Kansas Committee; Relief

Authors: Bell, George W.

Photograph, Battle of Hickory Point
A copy of a lithograph showing the Battle of Hickory Point, Jefferson County, Kansas Territory, drawn by W. Breyman.

Keywords: Battles; Border disputes and warfare; Breyman, W.; Engravings; Hickory Point, Battle of; Jefferson County, Kansas Territory; Photographs and Illustrations

Authors: Breyman, W.

Illustration, Battle of Hickory Point
undated, ca. 1856
This illustration was based on the eye-witness experience of W. Breyman. The Battle of Hickory Point took place 5 miles east of Ozawkie, in Jefferson County. Pro-slavery forces surrendered to Free state forces, led by James Harvey, only six hours after they were first attacked. However, Harvey's 101 men were later captured and charged with murder in the first degree; about twenty of those men were convicted and sentenced to five years in the Penitentiary.

Keywords: Battles; Bickerton, Thomas; Breyman, W.; Free state militia; Harvey, James A.; Hickory Point, Battle of; Illustrations; Militia; Proslavery supporters

Authors: Breyman, W.

Letter, Phoebe Atkins to Dear friends
January 6, 1861
Phoebe Atkins wrote to her friends regarding her living conditions in Oskaloosa. She described how settlers had to travel as far as Atchison to obtain provisions and prevent starvation. She also spoke of the necessity of finding work and her recent illness.

Keywords: Atchison County, Kansas Territory; Atchison, Kansas Territory; Atkins, Phoebe; Daily life; Economic conditions; Illness; Jefferson County, Kansas Territory; Labor; Oskaloosa, Kansas Territory

Authors: Atkins, Phoebe

Territorial Census, 1855, District 13
January-February, 1855
This census was taken in order to determine eligible voters for elections to be held as proclaimed by Governor Andrew Reeder on November 10, 1854. The categories for information in the census were name, occupation, age, male, female, emigrated from, native of United States, naturalized citizen, declarant (intention to become a citizen), Negro, slave, and voter. Only white males over 21 were eligible to vote. The districts used for the census were the same as the election districts. A statistical summary of the census follows the enumeration pages. For District 13 the place of election was the house of G. M. Dyer, at the town of Ozawkie. The boundaries of each district were described in Governor Reeder's proclamation and it is difficult to determine what counties were in each district. The description of the Thirteenth District follows: "Commencing in the Kansas River, three miles above the mouth of Stranger Creek; thence in a northwardly direction by a line three miles west of said creek, and corresponding to the courses thereof until it shall strike the southern line of the last Kickapoo reservation; thence along the southern and western line of said reservation, and the western line of the late Sac and Fox reservation to the north line of the Territory; thence west along said line to the line of the Twelfth District; thence by the same and down Soldier's Creek to the mouth thereof, and down the Kansas River to the place of beginning." Districts 13 and 15 are included in one volume and are scanned as one as it is difficult to determine which entries are in what district.

Keywords: Calhoun County, Kansas Territory (see also Jackson County, Kansas Territory); Census; Dyer, G. M.; Jefferson County, Kansas Territory; Jolly, H. B.; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory

Authors: Jolly, H. B.

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