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Letter, Mary [Brown] to Dear Brother Willie [Brown]
Authors: Brown, Mary Ann Day , 1816-1884
Date:  January 30, 1859
This letter, written by Mary Brown from Lawrence, was addressed to her brother William, who was studying at Phillip Exeter Academy. Mary and William were the children of John Stillman Brown, a Unitarian minister who lived west of Lawrence. The main focus of the letter is the story of how Dr. Doy was captured by Missourians while aiding fugitive slaves. Mary was convinced that someone had told the Missourians about the plan of escape. She also mentioned her father's religious work and "Old" John Brown's work to free Missouri slaves.

Keywords: Brown, John S.; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Doy, John; Fort Scott, Kansas Territory; Fugitive slaves; Missourians

Letter, Mary A. Brown to Dear children one & all
Authors: Brown, Mary Ann Day , 1816-1884
Date:  November 28, 1859
Writing from somewhere "near" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she was staying with Lucretia Mott while her husband awaited execution for the Harpers Ferry raid, Mary Brown informed her children that their father wrote "very comforting letters" and of course was secure in his faith. Mrs. Brown wrote of the sympathy that was directed her way and of the belief that their sacrifice would yet do much "for the poor slave." Mrs. Brown expresses her own very articulate anitslavery views (slavery, "the greatest sin that ever rested on our nation") and had been uplifted by the opportunity to hear several "antislavery sermons."

Keywords: Antislavery perspective; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Brown, Mary Ann Day, 1816-1884; Mott, Lucretia; Parker, Theodore


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