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Letter, John Halderman to Messrs [Josiah] Miller and [Robert G.] Elliot
Authors: Halderman, John Adams
Date:   April 6, 1855
John Halderman, Governor Reeder's private secretary, wrote from Shawnee Mission to Josiah Miller, editor of the Kansas Free State newspaper, and to his business partner, Robert G Elliott, requesting that they print Reeder's proclamations from the recent convention of the territorial legislature.

Keywords: Elections; Elliott, Robert G.; Halderman, John Adams; Herald of Freedom; Kansas Territory. Legislature; Miller, Josiah; Newspapers; Reeder, Andrew H. (Andrew Horatio), 1807-1864; Shawnee Mission

Proclamation, To the People of Leavenworth County
Authors: Halderman, John Adams
Date:  June 3, 1857
J. A. Halderman appeared to have penned this handwritten proclamation, signed by numerous other "residents and citizens" of Leavenworth County, calling on the people of the county "to support at the coming election for members of the constitutional convention" at Lecompton a slate of twelve named delegates. The document assured the citizenry that the "undersigned" and their chosen delegates were committed to a fair process that would allow the people to vote to accept or reject any proposed constitution and to vote separately on the question of slavery.

Keywords: Elections; Halderman, John Adams; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Lecompton Constitutional Convention, September 1857; Slavery

Agreement, Articles of agreement made . . .
Authors: Halderman, John Adams
Date:  April 30, 1858
Dated April 30, 1858, and executed in Leavenworth, this handwritten document was an "agreement made and entered into" by John Adams Halderman and Hugh Ewing, representing the Leavenworth Journal, and C. H. McLaughlin and William B. Hutchison to lease all the newspaper equipment for $25 per month. Among other more technically oriented conditions of the lease pertaining to the upkeep of the business, McLaughlin and Hutchinson agreed "to make it a free-state Democratic paper, sustaining the ___ ___ course of Senator Douglas . . ."

Keywords: Douglas, Stephen Arnold, 1813-1861; Ewing, Hugh; Free state Democrats; Halderman, John Adams; Hutchinson, William, 1823-1904; Leavenworth Journal; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; McLaughlin, C. H.; Newspapers

Letter, John A. Halderman to S. N. Wood
Authors: Halderman, John Adams
Date:  November 20, 1859
In this brief but cordial letter from Leavenworth, Halderman asked Wood to reprint an "enclosed" article from the Herald of Freedom in the Kansas Press; the piece "seems to have been written by a political opponent who is inclined to do me justice." He then mentions "the meeting of the squatters on the Kaw Reserve" and his sympathy for their plight.

Keywords: Halderman, John Adams; Herald of Freedom; Kansa Indian lands, Kansas Territory; Kansas Press; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; Squatters

John A. Halderman to Eds. of the Constitution
Authors: Halderman, John Adams
Date:  June 6, 1860
While in Washington, D. C., Halderman followed the congressional debate regarding Kansas admission and informed the "Constitution" that Senator [Louis T.] Wigfall, a Texas firebrand, had reportedly "assailed the character of the people of Kansas Territory". Halderman regretted that, since he was not "privileged" to take the floor of either house, he could not officially denounce these "unwarranted accusations" and feared if he and others were silent they might be accepted as truth.

Keywords: Admission, Kansas (see also Statehood); Halderman, John Adams; Texas; United States. Congress; United States. Congress. Senate; Washington, D.C.; Wigfall, Louis T. (Louis Trezevant), 1816-1874


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