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Letter, J. Henry Muzzy to Dear Sir [Eli Thayer]
Author: Muzzy, J. Henry
Date: March 3, 1857

J. Henry Muzzy wrote from Lawrence, Kansas Territory to Eli Thayer in Worcester, Massachusetts. Muzzy informed Thayer that free state supporters in Kansas were not, as Thayer had predicted, discouraged by James Buchanan's election as president in November 1856. He observed that the territory had been quiet during the winter of 1856-1857, but warned that the "ruffians" likely would engage in efforts during the spring of 1857 to discourage eastern emigration to Kansas. Muzzy also commented on the dilemma that free staters faced in deciding whether to pay the taxes levied by the proslavery "bogus legislature." He and his fellow free state supporters were not inclined to pay taxes imposed by a "foreign power," but they also realized that if Governor Geary called in U.S. troops to enforce the law they would have no choice but to pay. Muzzy concluded by stating that he was thankful for the end of the "reign of Frank Pierce," contending that "any change at Washington can hardly be for the worse."

Keywords: Bogus legislature; Buchanan, James, 1791-1868; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Free state perspective; Geary, John White, 1819-1873; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Muzzy, J. Henry; Pierce, Franklin, 1804-1869; Relief; Taxation; Thayer, Eli, 1819-1899

Letter, Sherman [W. T.] & Ewing [Thomas] to Tax Collector
Author: Sherman & Ewing
Date: December 15, 1858

The Leavenworth partners addressed this letter containing a list of real estate and a request for "the amount of taxes assessed" to the tax collector at Calhoun, Calhoun Co., Kansas. The property holdings of Thomas Ewing, Sr. (Lancaster, Ohio), and Jr. (Leavenworth), were listed, as were those of Hugh Ewing (Leavenworth).

Keywords: Calhoun County, Kansas Territory (see also Jackson County, Kansas Territory); Ewing, Hugh; Ewing, Thomas, 1789-1871; Ewing, Thomas, 1829-1896; Jackson County, Kansas Territory (see also Calhoun County, Kansas Territory); Lancaster, Ohio; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; Property tax; Real estate; Sherman & Ewing; Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891

Letter, H. F. Parker to Mr. Hiram Hill
Author: Parker, Henry F.
Date: January 5, 1859

Henry Parker wrote from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, to Hiram Hill in Massachusetts. Parker reported the amount of city, country, township, institutional, and school taxes that Hill would owe. He told Hill he would pay the city tax for now, and wait to hear from him regarding the others. Parker observed that current sales of lots were slow, but that he had received an offer on one of Hill's lots.

Keywords: Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Hill, Hiram; Land sales; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Parker, Henry F.; Simpson, Samuel Newell; Starks, Nathan; Taxation; Town lots

To the Honorable, the Senate, and House of Representatives of the United States of America
Author: No authors specified.
Date: c. 1860

This unsigned statement was written to protest "the practice of taxing the people of the Territories for the support of a Government in which they are not represented." The residents of Kansas Territory complained that they had had no voice in how these tax dollars were appropriated, and they asked this "honorable body" to remit to them these taxes. Since this was during the drought of 1860, they declared that they would use these funds for famine relief.

Keywords: Famines; Taxation; United States. Congress

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