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Photograph, Charles Ransford Jennison
Author: No authors specified.
Date: Probably 1861

Charles Jennison was born in New York state in 1834 and settled in Osawatomie, Kansas Territory in 1857. He was active in the free state cause and was active in free state militia company. He was credited with several raids into Bates County, Missouri, and was part of a group that captured and hanged a proslavey supporter named Russell Hinds. He was an associate of James Montgomery. During the Civil War, he was a Colonel in the 7th Kansas Cavalry.

Keywords: Border disputes and warfare; Border disputes and warfare - Free state perspective; Free state militia; Hinds, Russell; Jennison, Charles Ransford, 1834-1884; Linn County, Kansas Territory; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Photographs and Illustrations; Violence

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