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Lesson Plans

Title: Rights and the Wyandotte Constitution

Grades: 6-8
Download the Complete Lesson Plan (.pdf, 422KB)

Social Studies:

  • KH8B3I5: Evaluate the Wyandotte Constitution with respect to the civil rights of women and African Americans.
  • CG8B2I1: Define rights guaranteed, granted and protected by state and federal constitutions.


Reading8S1B4I9: Use organizational skills to summarize information from appropriate-level expository texts in logical order.



  • Kansas became a state under the Wyandotte Constitution.
  • This constitution did not provide equal rights for all Kansans.


  • graphic organizer
  • organizing information
  • compare and contrast
  • primary sources
Focus Questions Assessment Tools
  • What is the Wyandotte Constitution?
  • How did the civil rights guaranteed to Kansans
    in the Wyandotte Constitution differ by gender
    and race?
  • graphic organizer
  1. Introduce the Wyandotte Constitution through the student reading.
  2. Explain that the class will be examining the fundamental civil rights granted to people under the Wyandotte Constitution.
  3. Use the worksheet "Reading the Wyandotte Constitution" to identify what rights Kansans were guaranteed under the state constitution of Kansas.
  4. Use the graphic organizer "Civil Rights and the Wyandotte Constitution" to compare and contrast people's rights by race and gender.

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