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Letter, Hiram Hill to E. B. Whitman
Authors: Hill, Hiram
Date: March 28, 1856
Hiram Hill wrote from Williamsburgh, Massachusetts, to E.B. Whitman, presumably in Lawrence, Kansas Territory. Hill asked him for the news of Lawrence, including the progress of several buildings' construction and the development of Whitman's map. Hill also inquired about Wyandotte and Shawnee Indian lands in the area, and expressed his interest in investing in them, as long as the land was good.

Keywords: Free State Hotel; Hill, Hiram; Indian lands; Lawrence buildings; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Maps; Shawnee Indians; Wyandot Indians

Letter, S. N. Simpson to Hiram Hill
Authors: Simpson, Samuel Newell
Date: September 30, 1856
Samuel Simpson wrote from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, to Hiram Hill, expressing his support for the election of John Fremont to the Presidency. Simpson also discussed the prospective purchase of Wyandot Indian lands, and told Hill he would invest in them if Hill wished. He added that he had received direction from Thomas Webb, Secretary of the New England Emigrant Aid Society, to draw money from him; Simpson assumed this was the money sent by Hill.

Keywords: Hill, Hiram; Indian lands; Land acquisition; Money; Real estate investment; Simpson, Samuel Newell; Wyandot Indians

Letter, S. N. Simpson to Hiram Hill
Authors: Simpson, Samuel Newell
Date: October 30, 1856
Samuel Simpson wrote from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, to Hiram Hill. Simpson reported that he had purchased Wyandotte lands, along with other investors, in hopes of having a town ready in time to receive a wave of emigrants the following spring. He told Hill that he would send him a map of the site, and reiterated his support for presidential candidate John Fremont. However, Simpson proclaimed that the outcome of the elections didn't matter, that the free state men "are bound to have this matter our own way -- and it if don't come one way it must another".

Keywords: Emigration and immigration; Free state support; Fremont, John Charles, 1813-1890; Hill, Hiram; Indian lands; Simpson, Samuel Newell; Town development; Wyandot Indians

Brief for Applicant in the matter of the "Wyandott Robitaille Float."
Authors: Weer, William
Date: Circa 1856
William Weer served as legal counsel for the Wyandotte Reserve and presented this brief on behalf of William Lykins and Robert Robitaille apparently to the Commissioner of the Land Office at Lecompton, Kansas Territory. Lykins and Robitaille were attempting to receive a patent for land that was also claimed by the Lawrence Association, Gaius Jenkins, Charles Robinson, S. J. Livingston, George G. Mathews, and William Savage. The brief contained a short history of the Wyandot tribes removal west and various treaties involving land. The claim involved parts of the city of Lawrence. The brief cited various cases and laws upon which Mr. Weer based his arguments.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Indian floats; Indian lands; Jenkins, Gaius; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Lecompton, Kansas Territory; Livingston, S. J.; Lykins, William H. R.; Mathews, George G.; Native Americans; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Robitaille, Robert; Savage, William; United States. General Land Office; Weer, William; Wyandot Float; Wyandot Indians

Map of the Shawnee and Wyandott Lands
Authors: Lawrence, Robert J. ; United States., Surveyor General
Date: March 1857
This map, compiled by Robert J. Lawrence, shows lands of the Shawnee and Wyandot Indians where present day Wyandotte and Johnson Counties are now situated. It includes the towns of Kansas City and Westport, both in Missouri, as well as Quindaro, Wyandotte, and Lawrence, in Kansas Territory.

Keywords: Indian lands; Johnson County, Kansas Territory; Lawrence, Robert J.; Maps; Shawnee Indians; Wyandot Indians; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

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