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3 results for Washington Creek, Kansas Territory:
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Letter, H. [Harris] Stratton to Mr. Brown [John Brown]
Authors: Stratton, Harris
Date: August 12, 1856
In this brief note from Topeka, Harris Stratton told John Brown that "Gen Joe Cook" (Jim Lane) wanted Brown to come to Lawrence as they were expecting "a fight on Washington Creek."

Keywords: Battles; Border disputes and warfare; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Free state militia; Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Stratton, Harris; Topeka, Kansas Territory; Washington Creek, Kansas Territory

Letter, L. W. Hoover to Sirs [State Central Committee]
Authors: Hover, L. H.
Date: October 24, 1856
This claim, against the funds being distributed by the State Central Committee, was filed by L. W. Hoover, a farmer and freestater who had settled at Wakarusa on June 1, 1856. His crops, etc., were destroyed while he was serving in the militia during "the Washington Creek difficulty" and he had since fallen quite ill and was dependent on help from his neighbors.

Keywords: Free state settlers; National Kansas Committee; Relief funds; Wakarusa River; Washington Creek, Kansas Territory

Letter, Joseph Gardner to George L. Stearns
Authors: Gardner, Joseph
Date: June 9, 1860
From Lawrence, Kansas, Joseph Gardner described one of the last battles of the border war. The attack Gardner had feared came "last night between 12 & 1." With the arms Stearns had made available, the attackers were repulsed, but "one of my [Gardner's] colored men, who had fought most nobly," took "a tremendous charge of buck shot" and died. His last words were "fight, fight hard!!"

Keywords: African Americans; Battles; Border ruffians; Clinton, Kansas Territory; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Firearms; Fugitive slaves; Gardner, Joseph; Guns; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Stearns, Geo. L. (George Luther), 1809-1867; Washington Creek, Kansas Territory


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