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Letter, Richard McAllister to Mrs. Charles Robinson
Authors: McAllister, Richard
Date: January 9, 1857
Richard McAllister, Deputy Secretary to Governor Geary, wrote to Sara Robinson from Lecompton, enclosing an invitation to the Citizens' Ball on January 15th. McAllister had traveled to Washington with Governor Geary, and was with him when Geary's assassination was attempted. Geary's aim as governor was to put an end to political violence in Kansas by eliminating guerrilla warfare on the part of both free state and proslavery supporters.

Keywords: Balls (parties); Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Lecompton, Kansas Territory; McAllister, Richard; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Robinson, Sara T. L. (Sara Tappan Lawrence), 1827-1911

Invitation, Mrs. Charles Robinson to the Citizens' Ball
Authors: McAllister, Richard
Date: January 15, 1857
This invitation was sent to Sara Robinson by Richard McAllister, Deputy Secretary to Governor Geary, enclosing it with a letter sent to her on January 9th. Governors Geary and Shannon were to be in attendance at the ball in Lecompton City, along with several other distinguished guests who supported the Territorial Legislature (considered "bogus" by free state supporters).

Keywords: Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Geary, John White, 1819-1873; Jones, Samuel J. (Sheriff); Kansas Territory. Legislature; Lecompton, Kansas Territory; McAllister, Richard; Robinson, Sara T. L. (Sara Tappan Lawrence), 1827-1911; Shannon, Wilson, 1802-1877; Stevens, Robert S.; Woodson, Daniel

Broadside, Cowardly assassination: Lecompton Union Extra!
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: 1857
This broadside, a special report of the Weekly Lecompton Union newspaper, recounted the assassination of William T. Sherrard, which had occurred earlier that same day. Sherrard had been appointed Sheriff of Douglas County by the County Board of Commissoners after the resignation of Samuel J. Jones. Sherrard's appointment was not supported by Governor Geary, who allegedly made slanderous remarks on Sherrard's character. The broadside report supposed, since Sherrard was decidely a proslavery man, that free state Legislators, among other freestateman, had plotted against him on behalf of Geary, which lead to Sherrard's death at the hand of J.A.W. Jones.

Keywords: Free state activities; Geary, John White, 1819-1873; Jones, J.A.W.; Jones, Samuel J. (Sheriff); Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866; McAllister, Richard; Newspapers; Proslavery support; Sherrard, William T.; Violent deaths; Woodson, Daniel


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