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Tenant agreement, Thomas N. Stinson and Edward Hoogland
Authors: Hoogland, Edward ; Stinson, Thomas N.
Date: March 17, 1856
Agreement in which Thomas N. Stinson agreed to rent twenty acres of land to Edward Hoogland in exchange for one-third of the crops produced on the land.

Keywords: Agriculture; Crops; Farm tenancy; Hoogland, Edward; Land tenure; Legal documents; Rent; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory; Stinson, Thomas N.; Tenant farming (see Farm tenancy)

Letter, A. Havington Shurtleff
Authors: Shurtleff, A. Havington
Date: 1857
This printed letter was written by A. Havington Shurtleff about traveling to Kansas Territory. He provided information about the committee's plans to sponsor emigrant companies and wrote twenty points about the group's travel to Kansas.

Keywords: Council Grove, Kansas Territory; Emigrant aid companies; Emigrant aid companies - Free state; Emigration and immigration; Immigration and early settlement; Land tenure; New York State Kansas Committee; Shurtleff, A. Havington


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