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Photograph, James W. Denver
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: Circa 1857
James W. Denver was the seventh Territorial Governor, serving from May 12 to July 3 and July 30 through October, 1858. He also served as acting Governor from December 21, 1857 through May 12, 1858. This engraving was made while he was serving as a member of the 34th Congress from California, just prior to being appointed acting Territorial Governor.

Keywords: Denver, James William, 1817-1892; Engravings; Photographs and Illustrations

Photograph, Battle of Hickory Point
Authors: Breyman, W.
Date: 1856
A copy of a lithograph showing the Battle of Hickory Point, Jefferson County, Kansas Territory, drawn by W. Breyman.

Keywords: Battles; Border disputes and warfare; Breyman, W.; Engravings; Hickory Point, Battle of; Jefferson County, Kansas Territory; Photographs and Illustrations

Photograph, Marcus J. Parrott
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: c. 1857
A portrait of Marcus J. Parrott, a lawyer and politician from Leavenworth. He was a member of the Topeka Constitutional Convention, 1855. In 1857, Parrott was a delegate to the Free-State Conventions at Topeka, Centropolis, and Grasshopper Falls. In 1857 and 1859, he was elected the Kansas Territorial delegate in Congress.

Keywords: Engravings; Parrott, Marcus J., 1828-1879; Photographs and Illustrations

Photograph, Franklin Pierce
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: c. 1857
Portrait of Franklin Pierce, President of the United States from 1853-1857.

Keywords: Engravings; Photographs and Illustrations; Pierce, Franklin, 1804-1869

Photograph, Thomas N. Stinson
Authors: No authors specified.
Thomas N. Stinson, an Indian trader, was a resident of Tecumseh, Kansas Territory. He was a promoter for the town of Tecumseh. He had been adopted by the Shawnee tribe and given the Indian name of Ne Kahn. He had proslavery leanings.

Keywords: Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Engravings; Ne Kahn; Photographs and Illustrations; Pottawatomi Indians; Stinson, Thomas N.; Tecumseh, Kansas Territory

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