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Letter, John W. Robinson to Hiram Hill
Authors: Robinson, John W.
Date: August 17, 1857
John Robinson, President and Agent of the Manhattan Town Association, wrote from Manhattan, Kansas Territory, to Hiram Hill in Massachusetts. Robinson responded to Hill's interest in investing in the town, describing the town's current situation, climate, and development rate. He provided specific and dramatic examples of increasing property values, and assured Hill that there would be no land speculation; he would only sell lots to those investors who were willing to build.

Keywords: Big Blue River; Churches; Crops; Droughts; Goodnow, William E.; Hill, Hiram; Kansas River, Kansas Territory; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Real estate investment; Riley County, Kansas Territory; Robinson, John W.; Smythe, Edward B.; Stonemasons; Timber; Town associations; Town development

Miscellaneous accounts of conditions resulting from drought
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: 1860
These accounts discussed the price of land (both in the past and currently), the number of settlers (often diminished from past numbers), and the nature of crops and available produce. This report included accounts from Mosley (a buffalo hunter) from Greenwood County; an African-American named Buckner from Otoe County; Thomas A. Hill, Greenwood County; Rev. Henry Moys, Madison County; John L. Pratt, Butler County; H. I. Hunter, B. F. Vanhorn, Judge Graham, and Myrock Huntley, Madison County; Peter Welsh, Osage County; William Thurman; Osage Indians; John Jones, Ottawa Creek; S. N. Howe, Coffey County; E. Condit, Woodson County; and J. C. Lambdin, Butler County. One of the letters copied in this report was addressed to W. F. M. Arny, and was written by J.C. Lambdin.

Keywords: African Americans; Arny, W. F. M. (William Frederick Milton), 1813-1881; Buckner; Butler County, Kansas Territory; Coffey County, Kansas Territory; Condit, E.; Crops; Droughts; Famines; Graham, Judge; Grain; Greenwood County, Kansas Territory; Hill, Thomas A.; Howe, S. N.; Hunter, H. I.; Huntley, Myrock; Jones, John; Lambdin, J. C.; Madison County, Kansas Territory; Mosley; Moys, Rev. Henry; Osage County, Kansas Territory; Otoe County, Kansas Territory; Pratt, John L.; Thurman, William; Vanhorn, B. F.; Welsh, Peter

Appeal for the Kansas sufferers!
Authors: Foster, Daniel
Date: 1860
This letter was written by Daniel Foster to describe the conditions in Kansas during a nine month drought. Many settlers left Kansas Territory, and those remaining needed relief. This letter called on people to provide aid to those in Kansas. Furthermore, it listed names of a committee that met in Boston to discuss relief efforts in Kansas.

Keywords: Droughts; Food; Foster, Daniel; Howe, S. G. (Samuel Gridley), 1801-1876; Kansas Frontier; Kansas Relief Committee; Pomeroy, S. C. (Samuel Clarke), 1816-1891; Poor; Relief; Webb, Thomas H. (Thomas Hopkins), 1801-1866

Reports from Eureka Township, Greenwood County, etc.
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: 1860
This document contained additional reports of conditions in various counties during the drought of 1860. It consisted of letters that W. F. M. Arny copied and sent to Thaddeus Hyatt, president of the National Kansas Committee. The reports were submitted by Josiah G. Fuller, James Whary, and Henry Brock, Eureka, Greenwood County; W. A. Harris and A. L Williams, Cottonwood Falls, Chase County; H. H. George, W. Wendell, and R. W. Cloud, Waterloo, Breckenridge County; I. P. Herrick, Iowa Township, Doniphan County; G. S. Northrup, J. H. Spicey, and A. G. Carpenter, Geneva Township, Allen County; and Charles P. Twiss, Cofachique Township, Allen County. The reports described prospects for crops and other conditions resulting from the prolonged drought.

Keywords: Agriculture; Allen County, Kansas Territory; Arny, W. F. M. (William Frederick Milton), 1813-1881; Brock, Henry; Carpenter, A. G.; Chase County, Kansas Territory; Cloud, R. W.; Cofachique Township, Allen County, Kansas Territory; Cottonwood Falls, Kansas Territory; Crops; Droughts; Eureka, Kansas Territory; Famines; Fuller, Josiah G.; Geneva Township, Allen County, Kansas Territory; George, H. H.; Grain; Greenwood County, Kansas Territory; Harris, W. A.; Herrick, I. P.; Hyatt, Thaddeus; Livestock; Northrup, G. S.; Relief; Spicey, J. H.; Twiss, Charles P.; Wendell, W.; Whary, James; Williams, A. L.

Letter, H. [Henry] L. Denison to My Dear Uncle [Joseph Denison]
Authors: Denison, Henry
Date: August 2, 1860
Henry Denison wrote from Bluemont College in Manhattan, Kansas Territory, to his uncle Joseph Denison, a Trustee of the College. Henry informed him that dry summer conditions had significantly impeded crop growth. The drought also affected the construction of the College, as the plasterers depended on the water supply of a nearby creek to mix their plaster; carpenters, however, moved forward with their work. Henry closed with a mention of a recent eclipse.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Construction; Crops; Denison, Henry; Denison, Joseph; Droughts; School buildings

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