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Photograph, Samuel Lyle Adair family
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: 1849
Portrait of Samuel Lyle Adair, Charles Storrs Adair, Florella Brown Adair, and Emma Florilla Adair. The family settled near Osawatomie, Kansas Territory, where Adair was a minister and free state supporter. His wife was a half sister to John Brown and he occasionally stayed with the Adairs. The family was involved in various free state and relief activities.

Keywords: Adair, Florella Brown; Adair, Samuel Lyle; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Children; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Religion

Letter, Rebecca Wakefield to Sir
Authors: Wakefield, Rebecca
Date: September 15, 1855
Rebecca Wakefield, writing from Milan, Ohio to the New England Emigrant Aid Company, stated that her husband had settled in Kansas in May 1855 but had gotten sick and was now unable to pay for her and her three children to join him. She sought assistance from the emigrant aid company to finance her trip to Kansas.

Keywords: Children; Emigration and immigration; Milan, Ohio; New England Emigrant Aid Company; Ohio; Poor; Poverty; Wakefield, Rebecca; Women

Receipt Book, October - November 1856
Authors: Kansas State Central Committee
Date: October 30, 1856
This Kansas State Central Committee receipt book was one of several in which the committee recorded the various monies, provisions, clothing, etc., that were distributed throughout the territory. Many of the items of clothing were specifically listed for children (e.g., "1 girls calico dress" and "1 pair boys woolen pants"), and many items were received by individuals for distribution among the needy of their particular area.

Keywords: Adair, Samuel Lyle; Blood, James; Children; Clothing and dress; Free state settlers; Grasshopper Falls, Kansas Territory; Kansas State Central Committee; Merchandise; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Receipts; Relief; Topeka, Kansas Territory

Receipt, Received of J. Blood for Boarding . . . Mary Jones
Authors: Jones, Mary
Date: June 15, 1857
The Kansas State Central Committee/Blood receipt was to Mary Jones of Lawrence for "boarding and taking care of Mr. Leggs [Charles Legge?] destitute children." The total paid was $19.85.

Keywords: Blood, James; Children; Free state support; Kansas State Central Committee; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Receipts; Relief

Letter, H. H. Ropes to My Dear Sir [George Collamore]
Authors: Ropes, H.H.
Date: April 13, 1859
H. H. Ropes, from a town of Bedford in New England, wrote to George Collamore in Kansas Territory, discussing [presumably] Collamore's children. Ropes inquired as to the health of Collamore's baby, and proposed several options regarding the continuance of Collamore's son, Hoffman. Ropes added that his book "Cranston House" would be published at the first of May.

Keywords: Children; Collamore, George W.; Daily life; Education; Massachusetts; Ropes, H.H.

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