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Daily Diaries, Isaac Goodnow
Authors: Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894
Date: 1856 - 1860
These diaries, written by Isaac Goodnow, described his daily life and his community activities. He settled near Manhattan and was involved in promoting the town and in establishing and promoting Bluemont College, the predecessor to Kansas State University. Many of the entries are somewhat mundane, dealing with weather, illness, neighbors, etc. However, the entries also describe activities in Kansas aimed at making it a free state, as well as the land speculation involved with both towns and farm land.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Daily life; Diaries; Education; Goodnow, Ellen; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; Illness; Land speculation; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Riley County, Kansas Territory; Settlement; Town development; Universities and colleges; Weather

Resolution of the Boston Preacher's Meeting
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: July 20, 1857
This resolution, "unanimously adopted" by the members of the Boston Preacher's Meeting, approved the establishment of Blue Mont Central College near Manhattan, Kansas Territory, by Reverend Joseph Denison, an "old friend" of the Boston Preachers. Denison had emigrated to K.T. following Isaac Goodnow, and was working with him to obtain support for the college.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Boston, Massachusetts; Denison, Joseph; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Religious communities; Riley County, Kansas Territory

Letter, I. T. G. [Isaac Goodnow] to My Dear Ellen [Goodnow]
Authors: Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894
Date: August 20, 1857
Isaac Goodnow wrote from his travels in Ohio to his wife, Ellen, in Shannon, Kansas Territory. This letter serves as a good example of the many than Goodnow sent home to his wife during his travels in the States, as he fundraised for the construction of Bluemont College and a non-denominational church in Manhattan. In this instance, Goodnow answers the request of his friend, Joseph Denison, to return to the Territory early, without raising the remaining $500; Goodnow replied that is would "diminish his self respect" to do so, but asked his wife her opinion. He also gave her instructions for maintaining their land and homestead, imploring that she contract out as much work as possible, in order to ease her own duties.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Business enterprises; Churches; Daily life; Goodnow, Ellen; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; Shannon, Kansas Territory; Travel; Universities and colleges; Women

Letter, Ellen [Goodnow] to My Dear Husband [Isaac Goodnow]
Authors: Goodnow, Ellen
Date: October 3, 1857
Ellen Goodnow wrote from Shannon, Kansas Territory, to her husband, Isaac, who was traveling in Boston. Ellen asked that he purchase winter supplies for the family and neighbors while he was on the East Coast, and listed their necessities. The letter includes a short note from Joseph Denison, informing Isaac that more money was needed than expected to support the college through the winter.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Denison, Joseph; Domestics; Goodnow, Ellen; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Merchandise; Riley County, Kansas Territory

Letter, Chauncey Shaffer to Brother Denison
Authors: Shaffer, Chauncey
Date: October 27, 1857
This letter from Chauncey Shaffer, a New York attorney, to Joseph Denison, an agent for Bluemont College, is one example of many letters received by Denison and Isaac Goodnow which pledged monetary support for the creation of the college in Manhattan, Kansas Territory. In this case, Shaffer would do his best to raise $5000, but cautioned against expecting too much, as tough financial times were upon them.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Business enterprises; Denison, Joseph; Economic conditions; Universities and colleges

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