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Bill, Furnished the Freestate Party
Authors: Blanton, Napoleon B.
Date: May 15, 1856
This itemized list of items reportedly "furnished the freestate Party" was submitted by Napoleon B. Blanton of Douglas Co., who operated a toll bridge over the Wakarusa River south of Lawrence. The total bill was for $191.26, including provisions and tolls: "I have thrown my bridge open free for the freestate party from the 15th of May to the 20th of September. . ."

Keywords: Blanton, Napolean Bonaparte; Blantons Bridge; Blood, James; Food; Free State Party; Transportation; Wakarusa River

Letter, E. R. Falley to Kansas Central Committee
Authors: Falley, Edwin R.
Date: c. 1857
In this undated letter from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, E. R. Falley informed the Kansas Central Committee that he lost a gun loaned to him by "Mr. Wilder" (D. W. Wilder?) while serving with a free-state militia company at Blanton's bridge (Napoleon B. Blanton, on the Wakarusa in Douglas County) in June 1856. Wilder was demanding payment, and Falley asked the committee to reimburse "Mr. Wilder for said gun."

Keywords: Blantons Bridge; Falley, Edwin R.; Guns; Kansas Central Committee; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Lecompton, Kansas Territory; National Kansas Committee; Wilder, Daniel Webster, 1832-1911


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