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Ladd, Erastus D.
Ladies of Lawrence
Ladies' Kansas Aid Society of Richmond
Lafayette, Ohio
Lambdin, J. C.
Lamon, W. H.
Lancaster City, Kansas Territory
Lancaster, Ohio
Land acquisition
Land claim disputes
Land claims
Land grants
Land office (see United States. General Land Office)
Land sales
Land speculation
Land surveys
Land tenure
Land titles
Lane Trail
Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866
Larcom, Lucy
Larzalere, Alfred
Law and Order Party
Lawes, Joseph
Lawrence buildings
Lawrence Republican
Lawrence University
Lawrence, Amos Adams, 1814-1886
Lawrence, Kansas Territory
Lawrence, Robert J.
Leamer, William
Learnard, H.
Learnard, Oscar E., 1832-1911
Learnard, S. T.
Leavenworth and Cameron Railroad
Leavenworth and Fort Riley Railroad
Leavenworth and Pike's Peak Express Company
Leavenworth Association
Leavenworth buildings
Leavenworth City
Leavenworth Constitution
Leavenworth Constitutional Convention, March-April 1858
Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory
Leavenworth Herald
Leavenworth Journal
Leavenworth Times
Leavenworth Town Company
Leavenworth, Kansas Territory
Leavenworth, Pawnee, and Western Railroad Company
Lebanon (steamboat)
Lebanon, Kansas Territory
Lecompte, Samuel D. (Samuel Dexter), 1814-1888
Lecompton buildings
Lecompton Constitution
Lecompton Constitutional Convention, September 1857
Lecompton Land Office
Lecompton Town Company
Lecompton, Kansas Territory
Leeman, William H.
Legal documents
Legal profession (see Lawyers)
Leib, Charles
Lenhart, C. E.
Leonard & Martin, artists
Leonard, J. H.
Leonhardt, Charles F. W., 1827-1884
Lesley, J. P.
Lewis and Clark
Lewis, Clark W.
Lewis, G. S.
Lexington Township, Kansas Territory
Lexington, Missouri
Lightfoot (steamboat)
Limerick, James
Lincoln administration
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Lines, C. B.
Linn County, Kansas Territory
Liquor (see Alcoholic beverages)
Literature societies
Little Blue River, Kansas Territory
Little Osage River, Kansas Territory
Little Sugar Creek, Kansas Territory
Little, Blake
Little, J. H.
Little, John
Livingston, S. J.
Lock, Fred
Lockwood, Roe
Loguen, Jermain Wesley
Lombard College
London, England
Long, Irving
Lost Creek, Bourbon County, Kansas Territory
Louisville, Kansas Territory
Lovejoy, Julia Hardy, 1812-1882
Lovejoy, Julia Louisa (see Lovejoy, Julia Hardy)
Lovell, Mary
Lowe, H. A.
Lowell, Charles
Lowrey, G.P. (Grosvenor P.)
Lum, S. Y
Lussier, Louis
Lutheran Church
Lykins County, Kansas Territory (see also Miami County, Kansas)
Lykins, David
Lykins, Johnston
Lykins, William H. R.
Lyman, Samuel F.
Lynch, Judge
Lyon County, Kansas (see also Breckinridge County, Kansas Territory)
Lyon Creek Settlement (German)

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