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Immigration and Early Settlement

      Many of the people who settled in Kansas Territory came for land and business opportunities. These settlers were not involved in the debate about whether or not Kansas should enter the Union as a free or slave state. All settlers in Kansas Territory endured the hardships found on any frontier. They raised crops to feed themselves and their livestock. They built houses and stores and established schools and churches. The weather was often a factor, and a large number of settlers left the territory after the bitter winter of 1856.       [More]

       Emigrant Aid Organizations
              Free State
                     New England Emigrant Aid Company
                     Connecticut Kansas Colony
                     National Kansas Committee
                     New York State Kansas Committee
                     Massachusetts State Kansas Committee
                     Other organizations
                     Buford expedition
                     Clayton expedition

       The Economy
                     Pony Express
                     Land acquisition
              Pike's Peak Gold Rush
              Retail businesses (stores)
                     Stage coaching
                     Trails and roads
                     Water transportation

       Community Life
              Ethnic groups
              Organizations and clubs
              Town development

       Daily Life

              Underground Railroad
              Slaves in Kansas Territory

       American Indians

       Specific Settlements
              Connecticut Kansas Colony
              Fort Scott
              Lyon Creek Settlement (German)
              Utopian Communities

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