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Immigration and Early Settlement

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Contract, John Bayless with William H. Bayless and Henry Greene
Author: Bayless, John ; Bayless, William H. ; Greene, Henry H.
Date: September 30, 1852

This handwritten document permits William Bayless and Henry Greene to purchase goods in New York City in the name of John Bayless, to be sold at John Bayless' store. William Bayless and Greene are to pay rent to John Bayless in the amount of $60 a year until they have paid off their liabilities to him.

Keywords: Bayless, John; Bayless, William; Greene, Henry H.; Legal documents; New York; Retail businesses

Bill of Lading, Steamboat Lebanon
Author: Smith & Haneley
Date: June 23, 1857

Bill of lading listing several items of furniture to be shipped by Smith & Haneley via the steamboat Lebanon from Cincinnati, Ohio to J. Cook & Co. in Tecumseh, Kansas Territory.

Keywords: Bills of lading; Business; Commerce; Furniture; J. Cook and Company; Lebanon (steamboat); Retail businesses; Steamboats; Stores (see Retail businesses)

Receipt, John D. Hicks to A. A. Lawrence
Author: Hicks, John D.
Date: September 29, 1857

This receipt and accompanying sales contract documents the purchase of $7113.30 worth of hardware and household items by A.A. Lawrence from John D. Hicks. George Collamore signed the sales contract as witness to the deal. Ingle Barker, of the Mammoth Hardware and Stove Store, was named as the Executor and Administrator of the "goods and chattels" in the name of A.A. Lawrence, and would be responsible for the sale of these goods to settlers in Kansas Territory.

Keywords: Barker, Ingle; Collamore, George W.; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Hicks, John D.; Lawrence, Amos Adams, 1814-1886; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Mammoth Hardware & Stove Store; Merchandise; Merchants; Receipts; Retail businesses

Letter, F. G. Kimble to Mr. [George] Collamore
Author: Kimble, F. G.
Date: April 11, 1858

F. G. Kimble of Damascoville, Columbiana County, Ohio, wrote to George Collamore enquiring about an advertisement he had seen for a room to let. Kimble, owner of a photography business, wanted to know if the conditions of the room were suitable for the operation of a studio and darkroom. He also asked about the condition of life in Lawrence, and if it the population there would be able to support him economically.

Keywords: Business enterprises; Collamore, George W.; Emigration and immigration; Kimble, F.G.; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Ohio; Photographers

Receipt, Mammoth Hardware & Stove Store to George Collamore
Author: No authors specified.
Date: April 14, 1858

George Collamore, Lawrence resident and future mayor, purchased various metal containers at Mammoth Hardware & Stove Store, Lawrence, Kansas Territory. Collamore would later be killed during Quantrill's raid on Lawrence in 1863.

Keywords: Barker, Ingle; Business; Collamore, George W.; Commerce; Domestics; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Ethnic groups; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Mammoth Hardware & Stove Store; Receipts

Letter, J. W. Robinson to G.W. Collamore, Esq.
Author: Robinson, John W.
Date: May 24, 1858

J. W. Robinson wrote from Manhattan, Kansas Territory, to George Collamore. Robinson sought to have up to $1000 worth of doors and sashes shipped to him in Manhattan, and offered to trade some of his properties in Quindaro, St. George, Ashland, and Pittsburg for them. He described all of these properties as good investments, not "paper cities".

Keywords: Ashland, Kansas Territory; Business enterprises; Collamore, George W.; Davis County, Kansas Territory; Land sales; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Pittsburg, Kansas Territory; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Riley City, Kansas Territory; Robinson, John W.; St. George, Kansas Territory; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Letter, J. W. Robinson to G. W. Collamore
Author: Robinson, John W.
Date: June 6, 1858

J. W. Robinson wrote from Manhattan, Kansas Territory, to George Collamore, future mayor of Lawrence, regarding his need for doors, windows, and moldings. Robinson proposed a trade for the goods, which were to be shipped by steamboat, instead of monetary payment.

Keywords: Collamore, George W.; Domestics; Freight and freightage; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Riley County, Kansas Territory; Robinson, John W.; Steamboats

Contract, Highland Hotel leased to Elliot Irvin
Author: Bayless, John
Date: January 14, 1859

This contract documented the lease agreement between John Bayless, owner of the Highland Hotel, and Elliot Irvin, lessee. The lease was valid for one year, under the condition that Irvin keep the hotel, barn, and outbuilding in good repair. Bayless agreed to use a portion of Irvin's rent to provide maintenance for the grounds.

Keywords: Bayless, John; Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Highland, Kansas Territory; Hotels; Irvin, Elliot; Legal documents; Real estate investment

People's Store!! Palermo, Kansas
Author: Swendson, Sevest
Date: November 14, 1859

Broadside announcing opening of a new dry goods grocery store.

Keywords: Advertisements; Business enterprises; Clothing and dress; Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Food; Palermo, Kansas Territory; Retail businesses; Swendson, Sevest

Letter, James R. Mead to [Father]
Author: Mead, James R.
Date: December 25, 1859

In this letter, Mead informed his father, who still lived in Davenport, Iowa, that he had established a trading post along the Saline River in order to trade with the Indians. Mead, along with his business partners, had stored up meat for the winter and had built a comfortable house. Apparently, times were still very difficult in Kansas, although Mead seems to have fared quite well. The letter ended with personal advice to his father about a mare who was no longer worth keeping.

Keywords: Business enterprises; Businessmen; Horses; Indian traders; Kansas Frontier; Mead, James R.; Native Americans; Ottawa County, Kansas Territory; Saline River, Kansas Territory; Trading posts

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