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Historic Sites

Several historic sites operated by the Kansas State Historical Society have connections to Kansas' territorial heritage.

Constitution Hall State Historic Site
In September 1857, delegates to the Lecompton Constitutional Convention hotly debated the slavery issue in this building.

First Territorial Capitol State Historic Site
The first territorial legislature convened in July 1855 in this stone building.

Goodnow House State Historic Site
Isaac Goodnow was a leader in the free-state movement and founder of Bluemont College, which became Kansas State University.

John Brown Museum State Historic Site
John Brown lived in a portion of this cabin with the family of his half sister while fighting for the free state cause.

Marais des Cygnes Massacre State Historic Site
Proslavery men killed eleven free-state supporters in May 1858 at this Linn County site, which is now a National Historic Landmark.

Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site
This 13-acre National Historic Landmark features three historic buildings, period rooms and exhibits. Shawnee, Delaware and other Indian nations attended this manual training school from 1839 - 1862, in Fairway, part of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Kaw Mission State Historic Site
This historic stone mission in Council Grove on the Santa Fe Trail was once home to 50 Kaw (or Kansa) boys from 1851 - 1854.

Hollenberg Station State Historic Site
Established in 1858 by Gerat H. and Sofia Hollenberg, Pony Express riders and hundreds of pioneers on the Oregon-California Trail stopped here.


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