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Border Disputes and Warfare

      The U.S. Congress established Kansas Territory in 1854. Many people who settled in Kansas had strong opinions about slavery. Some supported the use of slaves in the new territory. Others opposed the idea. Some were abolitionists who wanted to end slavery wherever it existed. These differences of opinion led to heated debates and even battles in Kansas Territory. The conflicts in Kansas and how they were reported in eastern newspapers contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War.       [More]

       Border Ruffians and Jayhawkers
              Pro-slavery perspective
              Free State perspective

       Military Organizations
              U.S. Army

       Significant Incidents
              Wakarusa War (Nov. - Dec. 1855)
              Sack of Lawrence (May 21, 1856)
              Pottawatomie Massacre (May 24, 1856)
              Battle of Black Jack (June 2, 1856)
              Battle of Franklin (June 4-5, 1856)
              Dispersal of Topeka Legislature (July 4, 1856)
              Battle of Fort Titus (Aug. 16, 1856)
              Battle of Osawatomie (Aug. 30, 1856)
              Battle of Hickory Point (Sept. 13, 1856)
              Marais de Cygnes Massacre (May 19, 1858)
              Battle of the Spurs (January 31, 1859)
              Dr. John Doy trial (March 4, 1859)
              John Ritchie kills Leonard Arms, (Apr. 20, 1860)
              Morgan Walker raid (Dec. 1860)

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