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Additional Resources

Territorial Kansas: An Introduction
A brief historical overview of Kansas' turbulent territorial period.

Territorial Kansas Timeline, 1854 - 1861
A chronological summary of significant Territorial Kansas events. For a more detailed chronology see D. W. Wilder's The Annals of Kansas.

The Annals of Kansas, by D. W. Wilder
Daniel W. Wilder's The Annals of Kansas, 1541-1885 provides a detailed day-by-day chronicle of significant events in Kansas history. The portion of The Annals covering the territorial period, 1854-1861 is available. It represents an important addition to the Territorial Kansas Timeline.

Lesson Plans
Curriculum units for middle and high school teachers.

An annotated bibliography of books and articles related to the Kansas territorial period. Compiled by Dr. Virgil W. Dean, Kansas State Historical Society; Dr. Craig Miner, Wichita State University; and Dr. Homer E. Socolofsky, Kansas State University.

Historic Sites
Several state historic sites operated by the Kansas State Historical Society have connections to Kansas' territorial heritage.

Searchable County Map
Click on a Kansas county to generate a list of all Territorial Kansas Online materials relating to that county.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions about using the Territorial Kansas Online web site.

Related Links
Links to other primary and secondary sources on the Internet related to Kansas Territory.


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