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Letter, Wm. D. Haley to Bro. [Edward Everett] Hale
Authors: Haley, William D.
Date: March 9, 1855
William D. Haley, writing from Alton, Illinois to Edward Everett Hale, expressed his concern about the lack of Western travel experience possessed by New England Emigrant Aid Company agents. Haley informed Hale that the company agents were "green as grass" with the result being emigrants getting overcharged for travel expenses.

Keywords: Alton, Illinois; Emigration and immigration; Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909; Haley, William D.; Illinois; New England Emigrant Aid Company; Steamboats

Letter, J. A. Davies to Dear Friend [Thomas Wentworth] Higginson
Authors: Davies, J. A.
Date: September 27, 1856
This letter was written by a Kansas settler named J. A. Davies who was originally from Massachusetts. It was addressed to Thomas Wentworth Higginson, an agent for the Massachusetts Kansas Aid Committee and an ardent Northern abolitionist. The main topic of the letter was the Leavenworth municipal election on September 1, 1856 and the other "outrages" witnessed by Davies. On the date of that election, border ruffians had crossed the border and hampered the legal voters of the territory from casting their votes. The mob violence was so terrible that virtually every free state settler was driven from the town, and Mr. Hops was murdered by Mr. Fugent. Davies and his family fled to St. Louis and then left for Alton, Illinois, but he hopes to return to the territory.

Keywords: Alton, Illinois; Border ruffians; Davies, J. A.; Election fraud; Elections; Free state perspective; Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, 1823-1911; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; St. Louis, Missouri; Violence


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